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How much money do you spend weekly?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) August 30th, 2008
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Way too freakin’ much.

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maybe $15–20, I’m pretty cheap

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almost all of it!

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My rent is 250$ per month. That includes all utilities. I don’t drive. I normally spent about 10$ per day for food/beer/toothpaste. So my total expenditures are about 550$ per month. But I do spend money on going out and clothes and gadgets. I don’t spend more than 700$ per month.

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@JP: Where on earth do you live…that’s so inexpensive, I can hardly believe it!
PS: How’s the smoking battle going?

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I live in a RV parked in a friends backyard. I have Cable TV and Internet too. I live in Eugene Oregon.

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Sounds good. but what about the smoking?

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$250? What the F***!!!! If you mean on incidentals, then in an average week approximately $150—$175. That includes about 2 meals per day, coffee, gas, etc. I don’t buy very many groceries, and I eat out most of the time. I (well my wife really because I don’t cook) always says she’ll start cooking more so we can save money, but she has very little time and it never seems to work out. When she was less busy, and cooked more, my average weekly expenditures amounted to about $75. But we make more money now, so it probably evens out.

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waaaay too much…lets do some monthly expenses here….

Tuition loan repayment = 250
Rent = 380
Cable 50% = 40
Electric 50% = 70
Cell phone = 70
Car payment = 400
Insurance = 60

all of that, not to include gas, food, and any other sort of fun I might want to partake in.

thankfully I make a decent amount of money.

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Rent $380? Where do you people live? I’ve never paid that little for rent.

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well I split it…that is my share…my brother pays another 330. total rent is 710/month

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In Jersey, if you’re paying that little, you’re sharing your bed with a family of day-laborers and a herd of roaches.

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£400 per weeks, I think equates to around $800, this is for bills and food.

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probably no more than $25 a week, but I’m in college, so most things are free and I have no income (working on that, though).

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Depends on the week. Are you asking in a week I just went to Costco? Did I get gas that week (2x/month)?

What are you looking for exactly?

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A parking spot costs approx. 400$ a month / 100$ a week around here.

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