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Which holiday do you celebrate?

Asked by raum (12821points) December 25th, 2019 from iPhone

Happy Christmahanakwanzaa!

Whatever holiday (or unholiday…bah humbug), hope my fellow jellies are having a lovely winter break.

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Today, in your honor, I’ll be celebrating Portmanteau Day. ;-)

My cat and I will also be celebrating Festivus (for the rest of us). After our naps, we’ll having contests of strength and an airing of grievances!

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I’m a fan of Christmas, but I don’t get offended when offered a greeting from another viewpoint…UNLESS it is offered as to be offensive!!!

May one & ALL enjoy their day of festivities!!!

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I celebrate Christmas. Still I wish everyone a happy whatever you celebrate, whenever you choose to celebrate it from my home to yours

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Valentines Day!

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I tend to go against the grain, so Halloween is honestly My Xmas!! There’s even a group of people at my job that feels the same way, so we all exchange gifts on Halloween. It’s fun and we have a nice time…People at work were like…What the hell?

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Happy holidays, jellies! :)

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