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What is a proper moderator action when deeming some response as "flamebait"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30582points) December 26th, 2019

A moderator censored a response of mine last night, deeming is “flamebait”. It actually wasn’t that bad of an answer.

Should the moderator’s response have been to control the flames? And not censor my statement?

I was (mildly) answering the question being asked. If other people can’t or won’t respond like adults, how is that my problem?

It seems like censoring something for being ‘flamebait’ is attacking the wrong problem.

Have you been in this situation?

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“If other people can’t or won’t respond like adults, how is that my problem?” – I agree with you.
I have no idea what your answer was though.You didn’t call my mother any names, did you?? ;)
I haven’t been modded for flamebait this time around but I do recall that a few of my questions in the past have fueled some arguments.
The end result of these online arguments was that those in the wrong repented and changed their ways for good.

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Hard to say without seeing the comment. But Flame-bait is a question seemingly intended to start an argument.

In the current political climate, it’s kind of hard to tell what will set fragile minds off, so it appears to me, more good comments are being modded, while actual flamebait and personal attacks are left up.

I can see it could be hard to be a mod here, though, so I generally just let mods do what they do and don’t pay much attention, or get insulted by it…lol, it’s not that important.

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Not sure anyone can be totally objective about their own post, @elbanditoroso. What may not seem flammable to you may be pretty awful.
I have found the mods to be pretty lenient most of the time.

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What did the mods say when you asked them?

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I didn’t ask directly, I posted here.

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Did you at least send it to one of the mods so you get an e plantation that the rest of us can’t, by virtue of the fact that we’re not mods, answer? “Proper moderator action” should be e planned by the mods.

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I would really have to see what the comment was.
Sometimes, things get misconstrued and if you were playing devils advocate then the way it was worded/the subject could be seen as you inciting a heated argument instead of helping to create a good debate. But if you are able to post what you said I could probably answer you better.

In terms of how I would moderate it:
I’d say if someone is talking about a sensitive subject (religion, abortion, ect) then it really depends on how the comment was worded. Saying in a respectful way, “but what about people who think ____ because of ____” is fine. But being rude or name calling or whatever would be flame bait. Or obviously troll-y remarks

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[Mod says] Interesting question. Is a mild, but unprovoked (and provocative) post less harmful than the harsh response it elicits? I don’t know the answer, but maybe I can shed some light on the moderation process.

According to the mod guidelines, flamebait is to be removed even if there haven’t been any responses yet. Not only because it might cause a battle, but also because it’s a basic Fluther principle to make your point in an agreeable way. Without, for example, name-calling.

Does that make things any clearer?

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Sorry, guys, for some reason my “x” just doesn’t want to happen every time.

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@longgone -Is name calling allowed when speaking only of people outside of Fluther?
I see that quite a bit.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yes, in a nutshell. If Trump were on Fluther, we’d do our best to protect him from personal attacks. This has to do with keeping the atmosphere safe enough for everyone to say what they think. Personal attacks can very quickly pollute an entire community.

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@longgone -I have seen this and agree. I imagine you are kept busy.

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@canidmajor If it’s any consolation, my Ex doesn’t happen very often either.

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@elbanditoroso What is a proper moderator action when deeming some response as “flamebait”?


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@longgone Defending Trump here would be quite time-consuming haha

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^ As soon as he joins, we’re recruiting.

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@elbanditoroso Stone the flaming crows, I await a transcript of the offensive material with bated breath, so as to conduct a full and proper kangaroo court.

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“Have you ever been in this situation?”

Lots of times
I gave up worrying about it.

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