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Why do parents have a camera in their children's rooms?

Asked by chyna (46922points) December 27th, 2019

I don’t mean in an infant’s room, but children that are 7, 8, 9 or older. I keep seeing news stories where hackers are hacking into Ring cameras and talking to these older children. I’m not a parent, but I don’t understand why parents are spying on their kids. Can someone explain this?

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Thy claim it’s to keep their kids safe, but I agree with you that it’s spying!!!

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In some cases, it’s to spy on caretakers rather than the children themselves.

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Is it a web cam on the kids computer, or just a camera mounted in the bed room the parents can access any time they want?

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It’s a camera mounted in the kid’s room that can be accessed from the parents cell. Most I’ve heard about were made by Ring. They make the doorbell cameras so you can check your front door. One lady I read about had her husband watching the kids while she was at work. IF I couldn’t trust him to watch the kids, I wouldn’t leave them with him!!!

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Because they’re scared senseless of life!
Seriously, don’t have kids if your super sensitive little souls can’t hack it.
Let kids be kids & behave yourselves.

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I’ve seen those stories recently and thought it odd that they’d put a camera in their room.

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Having cameras all over the house makes sense if you have a nanny who comes to your home. Some of them have been caught on camera abusing their charges, and the video helped to convict them. But now hackers can get in there and hurt the same children we’re trying to protect. As is usual, anything that’s intended for good can be used for evil.

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So they can see if the paralysis demon is doing its job.

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I wouldn’t. Kids deserve their privacy.

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With most households needing both parents to work or even just single parents working, maybe they leave their kids at home alone and they use these to keep an eye on them. I know a few households who leave children as young as 8 alone during the day.

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Nanny cams and God forbid their child was snatched (of course the chance of that is extremely low).

Also, it could be to be able to chat on screen.

I was left home alone when I was 9 and my sister was 7.

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So much of our lives is about surveillance now. I’ve heard of nanny cams, but haven’t heard of them being used for other reasons. Unfortunately the fact that these cameras are so vulnerable to hacking makes them a risk in themselves.

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When I was around 12 I discovered masturbation and I wasn’t shy about it.

So the question is how many kids have been saved by these cameras vs. how many parents have had to see their sons wank off into a silk sheet?

And I remember being a kid. A camera in my room. 1984 isn’t a instruction manual.

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My cousin had a two story apartment and the bedrooms were downstairs and the living room, dining room and kitchen were upstairs. They had a camera in the son’s room (this is 18 years ago, before Ring and all that new stuff). The son was a toddler and the video would show up on the TV screen, which they could swing from living room to dining room. The camera would show them if he was not in bed, like he was supposed to be. They’d take a look to see him getting out of bed to play with toys, then they’d call him “______, are you in bed?” and the camera would show him running back to bed. It was funny. I could see it being very convenient, instead of having to go down the steps and into his room. If he was in bed, going into his room would wake him up.

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