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Are you procrastinating?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) December 29th, 2019

Are you?
Feel free to list everything below.You’ve got 30 seconds.

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Find my favorite scarf.
Do the dishes.
Water the succulents (I don’t have those for no reason).
Check my to-do list.
Install fleece in foot end of bed.

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Tell ya later.

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Taxes. Annoying paperwork in general. Porch light. Give the dog a bath. Laundry. Get the basement sorted out. Tweak my insurance plan to make it cheaper. Hang new cabinet. Oil wooden bench. Write some invoices in hopes of being paid. Hang bedroom mirror. Buy the very last Christmas present. Write a letter to a friend.

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There is no blue ribbon for being early or on time. Things get done when they are needed to be don.

Procrastinating is a negative word with bad connotations. I would say that I work on my own schedule.

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How’d you know?

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As my old Pappy used to say, never do anything today that you can put off ‘till tommorow.

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I’ll take Impossibly Long Lists for $1000, Alex.

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