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Why can I hear one voice, among thousands, on televised football games?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46937points) December 29th, 2019

I get to listen to football all day long on Sunday, and I noticed that there always seems to be one voice in the crowd that I can hear distinctly. It’s always the same voice for the duration of the game. Why is that? Is it a deliberate placement of some microphone? If so, what purpose does it serve?

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I’m assuming you aren’t speaking about the announcers. Games often have a player mic’d for entertainment purposes or it might just be a loud fan standing near one of the more used mics. You can also hear the quarterback when he calls the snap count. I’m not sure what you are talking about specifically so it could be any of these things.

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The announcers aren’t in the crowd.
No, it’s just a fan yelling stuff.

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What does that voice say?

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Your ears are more in tune with the particular pitch of that voice. Or that person is closer to the microphone than anyone else.

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Lol @photonboton!

It’s just random cheering. “GO CHIEFS! WHOOO HOOO!” @Mimishu1995.

I can accept closer to “the” microphone…but which microphone @kritiper?

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^^^ Usually, it’s some guy, fueled by alcohol, who’s sitting close to the broadcasters’ booth and yelling very loudly.

Here’s my charming image – a Packers fan, sitting in Lambeau Field, wearing no shirt when the temperature’s -5F degrees, and having his screaming rants picked-up by the mic.

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But aren’t the announcer’s booths sound proof?

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@doggie has the correct answer for this Q.

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@Dutchess_lll Probably a shotgun mic mounted on the camera being used by the booth at that moment.

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Well it was the same voice throughout the game.

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^ right. It’s a loud fan near the announcers booth.

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