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Any suggestions on websites that offer inexpensive boots under $100?

Asked by babyscorpio718 (29points) August 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m looking for a nice pair of brown boots for everyday wear.

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What do you mean by boots? There’s different style boots.

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I wouldn’t recommend buying footwear online, unless you know the brand and model. Even though sizes are supposedly uniform, the fit never is.

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I have heard nothing but good thing about

I don’t know if they do boots. But it couldn’t hurt to look around. My advice is to go to a store and find what you like and order online. It is a crappy thing to do but you can usually save a few bucks,

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i got pretty nice ones from landsend for christmas

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Zappos does indeed have boots, of all varieties, and they also have free shipping both ways – if you want to, you can order a couple different pairs (or different sizes, if you’re not sure), and send back the ones you don’t want at no charge. I do all my shoe shopping at Zappos!

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My best advice is to go directly to the store and once you have a pretty good idea of the kind of boots you like search them in Zappos or search the company to see if its cheaper or if it has some kind of discount! You can also search to see if they are cheaper in AMAZON! That is a very trustworthy website. My mom bought me some Mocs from there and they were eligible for super shipping saving. You can choose from 2 day delivery or pay 2.99$ for overnight! Good luck.

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For form and style boots, online would be fine. But if you’re going to use it more for function, better stick to brick and mortar stores for a better feel and fit.

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