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How are you?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) December 30th, 2019

Are you doing okay?
Just checking in on everyone :)
I am doing pretty O-K today.

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If I was any better, I’d be twins

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Eyes are tired. I have enough food till payday.

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How do you do.

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I’m on the right side of the grass… Otherwise, I’m riding the Struggle Bus…
I take great pride in helping others. I think I do. Whether it’s helping an ant, or a person, I think I help.

I help creatures, big, and small. That gives me a sort of fulfilment… Even if I have to absorb some type of punishment.
That’s pretty much what keeps me going.
I aim to make the world, a better place, before I pass….

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Meh, not a great day due to a death in the family, my hearts aching a bit.

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I am fantastic!

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I am generally doing okay except for one irritating health issue. I woke up on Christmas morning with some kind of conjunctivitis in my left eye. I went to Urgent Care that day, and they prescribed an ointment. Friday there had been no improvement, and seemed to be getting worse, so I went to a walk in clinic, where I was prescribed eye-drops with antibiotic combined with a steroid.

With no improvement over the weekend, yesterday I saw on ophthalmologist. He gave a different type of drops, and also told me it may be viral and have to run its course.

Other than that,it’s been great having my kids home for the holidays.

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Worn out from the holidays. Poker game tonight. Thinking about ducking out.

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I’m doing great, thanks!
How are you?

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@zenvelo: I get something in my eye, usually in the winter, called Blepharitis. It’s an inflammation of the ducts and it occurs when the weather is dry and bacteria builds up. My eyelid will become inflamed. The eye doctor prescribes a drop and it’s usually a lot better within a day and totally gone within 2 – 3 days. I think the drop is called Fluoconase or something like that. It’s a tiny bottle with a bright pink cap (prescription).

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I’m doing ok too. Been really busy with my thesis, but overall good.

Glad to see you’re doing well too. How is college going?

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@LadyMarissa I’m glad you are doing awesome!

@RedDeerGuy1 That’s good. Food is very important :)

@Pinguidchance I’m good :)

@MrGrimm888 That’s very good. Helping others I think is the best thing someone can do and if it gives you fulfillment, keep doing it. You are making the world a better place :)

@KNOWITALL I’m really sorry. I hope that things get better for you, I am here to talk if you need to vent or anything. Losing someone in your family is hard.

@zenvelo dang, I hope it goes away. I had to use eye drops for a while because I had dry eyes and it sucked!!! I literally cannot handle eye stuff like that at all. I hope you feel better soon

@stanleybmanly I feel that. It’s so hard to be social after the holidays like this. It’s nice to just have some time to yourself to re-charge yourself.

@lucillelucillelucille I’m doing good :) I’m glad you are doing great !!

@jca2 dang, that sounds miserable. At least it goes away quickly though once you take the droplets, that’s a positive.

@Mimishu1995 Wow, a thesis? What degree are you working towards? College is good. I hope this next semester is better now that I got my degree in place. I was going for Cybersecurity AND Criminal Justice, but Cyber wasn’t clicking so I dropped it. My next class is mainly CJ with the gen ed’s I need to take mixed in. I hope it goes smoothly.

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SQ. Well written, and addressing each post. I hope that I can be as good a jelly, as you are, someday.
Happy New Year.

Peace n love. :)

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@MrGrimm888 You are too nice. I hope your new year is amazing :)

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I hope that I deserve, a good New Year. I fucked the last one up pretty good….

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@MrGrimm888 You aren’t a fuck up.

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Thank you, SQ…...

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Sorry I took so long for this response.

@SergeantQueen I’m working on a thesis about language patterns of an autistic man on the Internet. So far it has been a wild ride. The only way I can describe my experience is, imagine you are trying to write about a meme in the most scientific way possible. At time I just can’t believe what I’m writing, like “how the hell is this even a Master thesis?” :D But at the same time I have learned some mind-blowing things about the guy’s language, like how he would repeat what people said word-by-word when he wasn’t sure what to say, or how he would go on and on about things he enjoyed with unnecessary details. I plan to share the details of my thesis on here when I’m done :)

Glad to see you are doing well in college. It’s interesting how we are playing out our zodiac signs’ stereotype through our education too. You are a Sagittarius and you are learning about the law, and I’m a Gemini and I’m doing research about language.

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^Ah. We’re both Geminis… That explains why I like you so much.
We are a we, not an I…

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