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Well, what will be your choice of spirits tonight?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20608points) December 31st, 2019

Have a super great new years, and please don’t drink and drive.

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Well we have a Spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco to chose from.

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Gots me some pink and bubbly stuff going on right now. :-)

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Evil and malevolent.

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Fruit juice and pecan tarts. Making beef ribs in the crock pot. No booze for me.

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Whiskey, tequila…the usual suspects. :)

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Cherry Coca-Cola. I don’t drink alcohol.

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About ½ bottle of Omission gluten-free brewski.

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Water. I’m here mainly to wait for you guys to reach the countdown. I have already reached New Year :)

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^^Cheater! lol

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You’re probably the second recently active jelly to reach 2020.

There’s a jelly who lives in New Zealand, but she hasn’t been here since last July.

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^^Decaf or otherwise?

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Real coffee no decaf for me. I don’t drink.
Went to a celebrations social earlier today that was enough.

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@Brian1946 I have been here in and out. I was busy with my thesis and preparation for the Chinese New Year, so I wasn’t as active as usual.

So I still have one more New Year to go :D

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Isn’t Tết shortly after the Chinese New Year?

Mimishu1995's avatar

They are the same. I just said Chinese New Year because not everyone knows what Tet is :p

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“They are the same.”

<——Tornado of Truth: I did not know that! ;-o

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I’m doing chocolates and donuts, washed down with my usual Dew.

Nice twister, Brian.

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That sounds pretty hard core there @Patty_Melt you be careful now.

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I love these little donuts. I can squeeze the little holes on each finger, and nibble my way through a whole movie.
Wheeeeee! Mmmm, them dark chocolates, though!

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Oh you are a wild one.

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I had a lot of Caffeine Free Diet Coke throughout the evening and a few sips of champagne at midnight.

I’m not a big drinker. I could probably count the times I drink within a year on one hand. No particular reason – sometimes it’s because it makes me tired, sometimes it’s because I don’t want to drive, sometimes it’s because I am not into the high feeling.

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Pork chop in a can.

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I am currently on my third glass of Brut Champagne.

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Honestly I had a lame cup of milk haha!

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I drank tea.

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I am still sick with this horrible cold so I had nothing but water last night.

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So sorry. Feel better soon.

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My choice was one tall Bud Light. Only drank ¾ of it.

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I stayed home so it was beer for me. I prefer Lone Star but I drink Coors so often I just settled for Miller’s.

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