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How long after flowering does the seed on a sunflower take ?

Asked by martynregan (2points) August 31st, 2008

I have been growing sunflowers this year and the flowers have been dead for a few weeks now, but the seeds in the middle do not seem to be changing into the seeds yet

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Be patient. They will dry out as the day gets shorter and the air dryer. But be careful; the birds (goldfinches, for example) may harvest the seeds before you.

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Actually, if the birds harvest the seeds then they will drop little sunflower presents for you to enjoy in future years. I used to love letting them have the seeds as a fall treat and prep for winter scarcity.

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But then when the little sprigs flower (in the spring here) the rabbits come out for the free salad bar. Or the squirrels and chipmunks dig up the seeds.

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