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Other than the obvious, what do you use your Kleenex for?

Asked by rebbel (33287points) January 1st, 2020

My cloth ones were in the laundry, so I used them as potholders.
And sometimes as tea towel.

What use do you give your Kleenex/paper towels?

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Kleenex in the US pretty much refers to tissues only, not paper towels so it is hard for me to picture them as pot holders or tea towels. Are you using it to mean something more substantial?

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I is them a lot to clean my phone screen and lap top screen. With grand children using them all the time they get dirty really quick.

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I use them to velcro my googles.

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I stuff my bra with them. I don’t even bother taking them out of the box.

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I don’t use them at all.

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I heat my house with them. I burn used ones in my wood burning stove.

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Tissues I use to clean my glasses, after running the lenses under hot water.

Paper towels, I use for drying my hands after washing them at the sink. I may spread the damp paper towel out and reuse it later, either for the same thing or I may take the damp paper towel and use it to wipe something in the kitchen.

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One of the three Fabulous Furry Freak sisters used Kleenex. The other two used Kotex and Tampax.

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Quick snack when I’m hungry

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I give them to my 10 month old grandchild to entertain him. He will spend a long time ripping it to shreds down to the size of grains of sand.

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Sometimes I use them to wipe each shelf of my bookcases.
Wipe the mirror after I windex it.
wipe the computer keyboard of dust etc.

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I use tissues/Kleenex mostly to wipe off my make-up brushes. I often don’t have tissues in the house and I just use toilet paper. Sometimes I blow my nose with the tissues, but that wouldn’t be an unusual use.

Paper towels I use for the usual wiping counters and drying my hands sometimes. Sometimes I use them to protect a surface from nail polish if I’m painting my nails or painting jewelry.

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I’m ashamed to admit that I use them as napkins in a pinch. They are a poor substitute.

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I use Kleenex (tissues) to fix my makeup when something runs when it shouldn’t or anything needs to be adjusted. I use them to clean my glasses, clean my fingertips when no napkin is available. I keep some in the console box in the car to help swiftly clean up any accidental spills or possibly to hold sticky foods when no napkin is available.

Now, paper towels are used frequently as a potholder-like device when cooking in the microwave. They have saved many a burned finger while removing a cup of soup out of the microwave. They make effective coasters to put under a damp glass or sweaty cup. When I don’t feel like washing dishes, they will also double as a paper plate to protect my sandwich when/if I have to sit it down immediately. Paper towels also double as a towel or cleaning cloth when needed and the regular towel/cloth is in the washer. Although I don’t waste them as bad as I used to, there are millions of different ways to use a paper towel

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Tissues can be used to make flowers. The look a little like carnations. I remember doing this as a kid. Of course, I’m also from the era of yarn pom-poms on your sneakers.

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@tedibear I remember the tissue flowers!

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