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Has the film "Zeitgeist" been successfully debunked?

Asked by kevbo (25654points) August 31st, 2008 from iPhone

Just watched it and wondering if it has any holes or nuanced “facts” a la Michael Moore.

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Yes it has, check this site for explanation

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@SeVen, that article (and site), is skewed so far in the opposite direction, it is hard for me to say that it “successfully” debunked the film. What I would like to see is a clear eyed review of the facts presented in the film done by someone whose only purpose is to find out what in the film is factual and what isn’t.

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I haven’t read this site completely through, but it seems to be credible.

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I do know (from personal experience) that in the third film there is a deliberate non-mention of depositors withdrawing funds from bank accounts. This would create the reverse of what he is describing… although I would think that it is nowhere near the proportions on the equation’s other side.

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