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Does the carbon footprint of political advertisement matter?

Asked by seVen (3486points) August 31st, 2008 from iPhone
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I was at the Obama/Biden rally in Dublin OH last night and was thinking about the carbon footprint of a political rally. Everyone drove and we spent some time in traffic too. Not to mention the bus that drove Obama/Biden all over PA/OH. I would think that all adds up to a lot of carbon being released. As the campaign heats up they will be flying all over the place. That will be even more carbon.

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I do not think it matters – yet. I think a lot of people talk about carbon footprint and highlight they try to minimize or offset it, when in reality consumers/voters do not really understand the concept and the potential affect on the environment

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nope not really.

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I don’t understand how these campaigns can travel all over the united states with their entire enturage, spending boat loads of money….and then go out and give a speech about how the united states needs money, or if you just elect them they promise they are going to create a fund to help people with homes going into forclosure….yadda yadda yadda..change is going to happen (but only if you elect them )...
Hey jackass, why don’t you use that money donated to your campaign to….hmmm I don’t know… that god damn garden that you promised everyone in Chicago a few years ago?....or send it to that school (the one with your name painted on it) that you promised to send money so a decent fence could be built around it? Oh wait..the conservatives took care of that for you since you had failed to do so, you only had what…2years to do it and big shocker….it didn’t get done…...

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