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What plants are these in the background?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41540points) 2 weeks ago
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My guess is that they’re Triffids! ;-0

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They are sunflowers, Dutch.

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LOOL! You sound weary @Jonsblond! Thanks.

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They are sunflowers. And…. based upon their height, leaves, and direction of the sunflower heads as well as the shadow from the woman’s skirt on her legs, and the shadow of the boy’s shorts, I would say that picture was taken at a latitude of N35 deg or lower at about 2 pm in late August to early September with the photographer standing on the north side of the East-West planted field.

(I am a certified mental case.)

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Just saying. You asked FB last night and several of us told you. Curious why you didn’t believe us.

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Well, I’m pretty sure this was in the Kent Valley in Washington State. No idea what that latitude is.

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What plants? What background?

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^ You have to click on the links in the details to see the picture.

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Oh duh…uh I mean yeah, I knew that.

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Looks like a scene from an old B sci fi movie to me. “The Plant That Ate Cincinnati”.

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