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Ack! Broke a favorite thing! What glue will do the best ceramic repair and stand up well to washing, and heating in a microwave and stuff?

Asked by canidmajor (15851points) 3 weeks ago

Brand names that have worked well for you, please. It was my (now deceased) dad’s favorite coffee mug.
I am bereft.

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I saw that Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue, Waterproof Polyurethane Glue, rated high for repairs but I probably would hand wash and not use in the microwave after the repair.
If the handle broke, i would still use it after repairing but if the body of the mug broke, I’d just repair it as it is a keepsake and not use it for food.

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Thanks, LucyThrice! It’s just the handle, and I only hand wash it anyway. I’ll try that.

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I would agree that gorilla glue is the best that is commonly available- I once bought something at HQ that was even better, but you had to apply glue to both pieces fist, let it dry, then glue the pieces.

When using gorilla glue, be sparing because gorilla glue foams / bubbles, and dries that way. It expands 3–4 times as much in the drying process due to this foaming.

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Gorilla Glue seems to work the best, but I don’t think any glue will work once heated in the microwave. Since it’s the handle, I suggest you just hold it around the mug..forget using the handle.

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As for appearances, I use Elmers on ceramics and it makes a tight bond and dries clear.

It’s funny you asked this because we had cookie jar centerpieces for our work holiday party, and I was gluing two of them today at work. I used Elmers with some swab sticks. They’re on my desk for the weekend so they dry nice and well. I am going to touch up with some nail polish which I bought in the same color as the cracks.

If you want, I can post pix to your FB or pm them to you.

If I were you, and it’s a mug, I wouldn’t risk having the handle fall off when you are drinking out of it. I would fix the mug so it looks like new and then not use it. I’d put it on a shelf and have it to look at and use another mug for drinking out of.

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Thanks, guys. The point is to be able to use the mug, handle and all, so I’ll keep researching possibilities.

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@canidmajor: Please let us know what you end up using. and how it works out.

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The Update Lady is back!

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@raum: Boiled milk will hide the crack but it won’t make the cup strong enough to use. I’ve used it before on decorative items. The crack will disappear.

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Doh! You’re right.

I vaguely remember hearing that this works. But that picture in the article with a dish broken in two is totally false advertising. Good for cracks not breaks.

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@Brian1946, that does look more viable than others, advertising specifically that it’s microwave safe. Thanks.

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@canidmajor: Did you glue it successfully and what glue did you use?

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I used the Loctite, and it’s working so far. I am very delicate with washing and even handling, but so far so good!

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