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Why would anyone buy a double-wide stroller?

Asked by Kraigmo (9142points) January 7th, 2020

Doublewide strollers are obnoxious.
It seems people buy them because they think it’s “cute” to see their kids side-by-side.
There are good strollers…. that hold two children…. that are not doublewide. In those kind of strollers, one child is in front, the other in the back.

So…. why would anyone want to subject the public to an obnoxious double-wide stroller when there is a better alternative?

And also, what kind of person would choose a Doublewide?

(Perhaps the same type of person who parks a shopping cart in the middle of the aisle… some humans seem to just subconsciously enjoy taking up more than their fair share of space).

If you have a double-wide stroller, don’t you get tired of not fitting in shopping aisles, or don’t you get tired of your obnoxious roadblock’s effect on others?

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Same reason why those assholes walk around with BACKPACKS on WHEELS

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Some people want both children to have a clear view.

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When I was a baby, I liked to ride next to my girlfriend.

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We had a side-by-side stroller AND a tandem stroller when we had twins. The side-by-side was more of a quick pop-up for “easy” trips. It wasn’t built as good as the tandem. But the tandem was a bigger pain in the ass to take places. It was bulkier, but also because it was longer it was harder to maneuver through some stores.

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The children can interact if they are side by side. Plus, the child in back of the stroller (a stroller that is one kid behind the other) doesn’t get to see much of anything. I think the side by side has more to do with considering the experience of the child/children. Plus, as a jelly pointed out above it’s easier to get the children into a side by side, but that has to be balanced with the ease of maneuverability depending where you are going.

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It’s funny how people all seem to do things that are convenient for them and not their critics.

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Wait till you see the triple ones. You will be so mad, you are going to assault random passerbys in the street.

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They exist: 4 feet of horror (that is, if you have a problem with it).

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When my kids were little, we had a long front and back stroller That thing was not easy to steer, was too long for a lot of cars, and once my daughter was old enough to sit up she would kick her brother’s seat and back.

I had a Burley bicycle trailer that fit both kids side by side. We had the “stroller” attachment put on for things like street fairs and walking on paths. It settled the kids down a lot better than the front/back stroller, and gave them each a view.

Neither arrangement is ideal. Parents trying to get through that stage of development just want to get the kids home without a trip to the ER. Be a bit compassionate.

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They only care about their own needs.

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And besides that, double-wide strollers were probably made in Iran.

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Perhaps it’s because they don’t know about two-story strollers.

They work, as long as the driver remembers to put the heavier offspring on the lower level, and avoid strong cross-winds.

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I had one of those. It was great for one toddler and one infant, but not good for two toddlers.

I thot is petty for people to not be willing to sidestep a couple of feet. It sure is a dilemma though, when two such strollers meet in opposite directions on the same walk.

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The problem with two story strollers is, well, um, the children usually are not potty trained yet.

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They want to. There’s that freedom thing again.

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They do it just to annoy you personally.

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Higher weight limits. So you get more use out of the stroller.

Better weigh distribution. So it’s better for hiking or jogging.

Flexibility in configuration. You don’t have to worry about balancing the weight so the kids can sit in either seat.

Position of one seat isn’t dependent on the other. You can fully recline both seats into a napping position.

I don’t have a double stroller.
But I get why people do.

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