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Who is lying - Iran or Trump?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27460points) 1 week ago

Iran shoots a dozen missiles into two US airbases in Iraq.

Trump says “all is well, no casualties”.

Iran says “dozens dead”.

What are the facts? Can we believe Trump on this?

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@elbanditoroso No Americans killed.

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Neither; they’re politicians (governments, ‘at war’, thus propaganda is rife).

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@elbanditoroso Canadain news. CBC and CTV news. Waiting for 11am eastern time (1 hour from now) for Trump to speak.

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Both can be trusted or not equally.
12+ missiles fired by Iran.
Dozens killed (in funeral stampedes.)
Misinformation is a fact of conflict so as not to divulge any information.

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Both are lying because they are politicians and that’s what politicians do. I seriously doubt that no Americans died. I also doubt that it was dozens. I am smart enough to know that trump will never admit that he picked a fight with Iran and got some of our soldiers killed. That wouldn’t look good for his image

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Trump’s statement is easier to walk back. He can just say that at the time he said it, he had not heard about any casualties. I would give the Iranians credit if they can cause significant physical damage without taking any lives.

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^ I agree!!! We’ve spent the last 20 years reeling in Iran & Iraq. In 30 seconds trump blew that out of the water. Had Iran come into the US & killed Mike Pompeo we’d be screaming about a TERRORIST attack. Well, didn’t we just walk into Iran & kill one of their officials??? Have we become terrorists???

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The Iranians fired ballistic missiles into the sand. They didn’t even use laser-guided missiles. They had the capability to hit Americans if they wanted.

@LadyMarissa Are you not aware that escalating killings of Americans were happening for two weeks, and there was a very massive attack on a U.S. embassy orchestrated by the Iranian general?

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That’s like asking who to trust with your money – Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff.

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@Yellowdog I took it that the Iraqis attacked the embassy because we were fighting Iran on Iraqi soil and Iraqis were killed. If we hadn’t pulled out of the nuclear containment agreement, most of this wouldn’t be happening. We need to get out Iraq and reestablish diplomacy once the American warmongers are gone.

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@Yellowdog what is your source that the fired missiles into the sand. Or is that invented?

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Iraq consists of big areas of sand, true that…, >>>

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Over casualties I think both are .
Iran did this, and chose an isolated base, could have chose something closer to heavy population but they didn’t, they did it show the Don Father they can hit targets from within their own country.
If this isn’t done right, there are going to be a lot of dead people on both sides of this conflict and I have zero faith the Trump administration can do this right.

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The Trump administration already DID do it right, @SQUEEKY2

No more killings of Americans, as has been escalating out of control the previous two weeks. And Iran didn’t hit any targets, I’m not sure they even tried.

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Yeah they did, got kicked out Iraq, Iran and Iraq will most likely join forces.
You may believe ole orange hair did it right but I am not convinced.
Iran is now moving ahead with full scale nuclear development and that means war heads.
Trump has totally enraged these middle east countries and you say he did it right?
What happened to diplomacy ?
Oh yeah the Trump administration doesn’t have a clue what diplomacy is or even how it works.

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Why would the U.S. want to stay in Iraq, and why would Iraq want us to leave?

All we are doing is training their fighters. Trump does not believe in long-term wars or military involvement for others’ benefit at all, unless they are allies.

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@Yellowdog You just don’t read the same news as I do so we’ll let the matter rest but certainly if we had wanted to leave, we could have by now. And as for allies – since we’ve alienated them all, I don’t think that’s a reason.

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Well, you’re half right, We don’t read the same news.

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This is a Hand of God moment.
Both sides are declaring no further action, as long as the other side doesn’t do more.
This is an amazing end at a tense moment.

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@janbb Just what allies have we alienated? Egypt? Jordan? the Saudis? the Israelis? the various indigenous groups of Iran, Iraq? Syria?

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Ok lets just start with China,Mexico,England, Germany,Canada,France,those are just off the top that your wonder Don has pissed off I know there is more oh yeah Australia to.

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All of the countries you named are supportive of this latest action. Even China.

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According to who Fox? Bright fart? some other extreme right wing out let?

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