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What do you think of my design?

Asked by nebrow (30points) August 31st, 2008

This is a mockup for a blog site i am in the process of starting about running a marathon. Just wondering what other designers out there think. (right now its just an image centered in the background of the page)

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I like it myself. The logo, colours and font are all really good choices. The only fault I could make is it looks like a lot of the blogs already out there, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Good work.

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it’s looking good.
i think it would be awesome if that running dude was animated and was actually running.

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I feel like there’s too much contrast between the header’s colors and the remainder of the pages.

Do this for me: Clear your eyes, then open it. Looking at it like you’ve never seen it before. And start reading it. You’ll see what I mean.

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I agree with Spargett – too much contrast. I do love the logo, but can also see what fuzzyjay says that it is a little like any other blog. Good luck with the marathon – if you are running it that is.

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Don’t listen to mozart, animations are always a bad idea. Other then that, yeah, I agree with spargett, it needs to have a lower contrast ratio. but otherwise it’s splendid.

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Clean and simple! I like it. Now for the challenge of getting it nice after the coding ;)

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- Great colors.
- Very good typography.
- Spatgett is right about the contrast, BG color needs not to be white
- I like the logo a lot, however his body language suggests he is trudging up hill (or through snow), not jogging.
- Nit-pick: Grey box behind “22 Subscribers” is not flush with the maroon horizontal bar that divides the top banner. Overlaps about 1 pixel.

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I dig it. I like the color scheme, and black print on a white background is the least eye-fatiguing color scheme, so good choice on that. If you’ve ever tried to slog through a page with white print on a black background, you know what I mean.

Color Psychology of Orange

Those who often wear orange are active, competent and rather impatient. They are independent, motivated, competitive and well organized. They are also creative and practical people, full of energy and often incapable to stay put.

Good choice for a runner’s blog.

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ok… let me tell you something that I learn 15 years ago. If You design for a client… the client is always right but if to design for yorself…. don’t listen to anybody but yourself.

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I like what you’ve put together, but it’s not very original in it’s design. Feels a little generic. Your margins are big for my tastes. Makes the copy feel like it’s floating, rather then stable and structured. Your header is large for what it is- just a logo and a title. Does it need to be that large? I also wish your navigation links were located somewhere else. They are getting lost in the clutter of your side bar.

That being said- I love the color scheme and the graphics. Looks great

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