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Why do some people sniffle all day long instead of just taking 2 Sudafeds and 1 Claritin, and being done with it?

Asked by Kraigmo (8734points) January 8th, 2020

Talking about normal people, not cocaine users here.
Why do some people sniffle all day long? How can they stand it? How can the people around them stand it?
Why don’t they just take 2 Sudafeds and 1 Claritin, and be done with the problem for the day?

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1) They don’t want to take drugs
2) They don’t want the side effects
3) They have a medical condition that sudafed and claritin may not treat
4) They want to annoy people like you

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Are these the same people that use the double-wide strollers?
What @Caravanfan said, but I figure number 4 is the primary reason.

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Because of some “no more than per day” and/or “recommended” when referring to injesting poison.

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Because those meds may not work for everyone? I recently had a cold and it seemed that no matter how much meds I took, it was not going away.

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Well DUH, if I took 2 Sudafeds and 1 Claritin, I’d pass out and with my luck I’d fall on my back and drown. I get high off 1 aspirin so your remedy could potentially kill me. Since I don’t like sniffing all day, I’ve come up with a few workarounds that seem to help. For those of us who can’t take your Molotov cocktail, if you don’t want to hear it, buy some ear plugs so you can’t hear it and close your eyes so you don’t have to look at us either

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Not recommended for diabetics, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I take medication for all three plus thyroid treatment. I have near constant allergy sniffles. Luckily I am home all day

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It’s too hard to get Sudafed now because of the meth users.

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I just prefer no meds but I have my own office so hopefully I dont bother anyone. The less I feed Big Pharma the better.

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None of your business. Go ahead and do as you like. This is called freedom.

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Doing that long term would leave a person quite dehydrated.
Also, crust builds up in the sinuses, and eventually result in rupture, and infection.
But you go ahead.

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Because some folks cannot take those meds due to medical reasons. Also, Sudafed is a pain in the ass to purchase in most states.

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2 sudafed and a claritin not good. 1 sudafed is a dose. Not 2. And there are antihistamine/ decongestant combined if you need both.

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Not everyone’s a pill popper.

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