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When is an exchange an argument, and when is it a debate?

Asked by flo (12713points) 1 week ago

Do you have an example that shows the difference?

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I think a conversation or an exchange becomes an argument when one or both parties get emotional involved to the point of getting heated.

The idea of a debate seems as though it should have ground rules and be moderated. It suggests, at least, somewhat of a controlled environment.

Now, when does either revolve into screaming and crying? How about fisticuffs?

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Thanks @cookieman. But some people think if you don’t agree with them, you must be arguing with them, even if there is no getting personal, no you this, you that, in what the the debator is saying.

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Sorry, I meant “devolve”.

@flo: I think that knee jerk reaction to being challenged or questioned in any way shows an insecurity about their own position, or even intelligence. They feel attacked. Saying, “ Don’t argue with me” for those folks really means, “Don’t attack me.”

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Point and counterpoint, with facts, to me is debate.

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If a moderator shows up, call it a debate :)

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@cookieman That is right on the money.
@KNOWITALL But some people wrongly call a fight (nasty fight), a debate.
@Caravanfan I’m going to respond after I watch it, unless you would write what the video says.
@lucillelucillelucille Yes, unless even with a moderator the exchange can devolve into nasty exchage,

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@flo It defines an argument

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@flo I’ve seen that a time or two… ;)

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@Caravanfan Thanks. I’m not sure it’s clear to me.

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@flo It’s a Monty Python sketch. It’s a joke.

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@Caravanfan I know I thought you were directing me to an answer in the joke. When I read the different definitions in sites that address the difference, it’s not clear to me, other than the formal vs informal language thing.

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If someone says if it weren’t for Trump administration’s assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani,
there woudn’t have been a commercial plane full of dead mostly Iranian people
And the other person says No, ....
What would make it a debate and what would make it an argument?

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