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How to clean oranges, mushrooms and cauliflower, for example without water?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 10th, 2020

As asked.

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What? This makes no sense.

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. . . and I agree @snowberry !

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Ultraviolet light.

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Oranges don’t need cleaning, you’re throwing away the peel that gets dirty. Same with bananas.

I never thought of this much until reading a story about schools where the water supply was contaminated. They recommended parents pack bananas and oranges in lunches instead of apples and grapes.

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At my work we put food in a food sanitizer.
I don’t know what its actually called because food sanitizer on google isn’t popping up with anything. It isn’t water. I know this because it comes out of something attached to the wall. Its for vegetables.

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Found it: It’s Antimicrobial fruit and vegetable treatment

But it isn’t for oranges. It would be for mushrooms, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. Not really meant for things with a thick layer that you take off.

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Oh, I get it. Ultra violet light treatment would kill pathogens on fruits and vegetables, but it won’t take off dirt.

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Is it “How to clean oranges, mushrooms and cauliflower, for example without water?”?
Or, “How to clean oranges, mushrooms and cauliflower, for example, without water?”?

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With vinegar.

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Good to know about ultra violet light, food sanitizer, vinegar. How about if everything is closed because of natural disaster, and whatever amount of vinegar is there is needed for something else too?

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Well, considering you are taking away almost all options in this scenario, you’d have to just eat it without cleaning. In a scenario like that you want to survive, not worry about cleaning an orange.

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The chance of survival is better with clean food. Listeria (for example)

“Consumers are advised to wash all fruits and vegetables under running water just before eating, cutting or cooking, even if you plan to peel the produce first. Scrub firm produce such as melons and cucumbers with a clean produce brush.”
although that’s found way down in the article instead of in the same paragraph at the top where it refers to deli.

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Yeah but if you have no way to clean them? No access to water, sanitizers, vinegar, ultra violet, there isn’t a ton of other ways to clean fruits and veggies. So, you’d just have to eat it.

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I don’t know about that @SergeantQueen. But I could be wrong.

As an aside how can just running it under water be enough? It doesn’t even say “very hot water”
@Call_Me_Jay Even if you’re going to throw away the peel you still need to wash them because of cross contamination (from hand to the interior part of the orange) . At least witrh bananas you don’t/need to touch the interior part.

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There are brushes made for cleaning mushrooms without water.

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@kruger_d Yes. You have to go out and buy that probably though. Anything that’s probably in a regular household would be good.

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A pastry or BBQ sauce brush might work.

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