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Are you ready with the following quote (it describes a not-so-nice story, :$)?

Asked by luigirovatti (1510points) 1 week ago

“Kirika, my mother’s, real name is Yukiyo, and Misaki’s mother’s name is Mitsuyo. They’re twins, almost identical. When they grew up, they both got married, and Mitsuyo became a mother [to Misaki and one other.] She had twins. [...] One year later, Yukiyo became pregnant too, but she miscarried[.] [...] Yukiyo was heartbroken. She almost had a breakdown. To make matters worse, the Fujioka household, where the twins were born, was in financial trouble. The Misaki household, on the other hand, needed something to soothe Yukiyo’s heart. It was a matter of supply and demand. [...] I was given to her. [...] I’ve been raised as Yukiyo – as Kirika’s only daughter for as long as I remember. I think I was in fifth grade when I found out. My grandmother accidentally let it slip. I’d never seen my mother so flustered. She probably planned on keeping it a secret for the rest of my life.” (Stop here, don’t make matters worse :-) ) (Source: Another)

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And your question????

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@elbanditoroso: The same as before: can you digest this story?

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TL;DR Japanese family drama.

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I had a hard time getting past the names.

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Can you digest this story? No.

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Tortuous! when reading is equivalent to running an obstacle course, who in their right mind is going to put up with it? How much effort do you suppose the average reader might be willing to devote to untying the jumble of knots in that paragraph? Narrative writing should flow. A jumbled list of confusing facts will never make for an interesting read.

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@stanleybmanly: Then answer the question about my favorite quote, which is simpler (at least, a bit).

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@stanleybmanly True. Probably doesn’t help that there are so many cuts [...] as well as not even knowing the back story, just an out of context quote.

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I think it says that you believe the primary function of an elder brother is to believe whatever his little sister says.

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