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Could I have social anxiety even if I have never had a panic attack?

Asked by bellabee123 (7points) January 12th, 2020

I have googled symptoms of social anxiety and seem to experience all except panic/anxiety attacks, does this mean I odnt really have social anxiety?

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Yes, you could have social anxiety even if you’ve never had (and never have) a panic attack.

Symptoms are clues that you have a condition, but you are not required to have every symptom in order to have (or to diagnose) that condition. For example: a fever is a symptom of the flu, but it is possible to have the flu without a fever. So if you have most of the symptoms of social anxiety, then it is still possible—and maybe even likely—that you have social anxiety even if you’ve never had a panic attack.

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See @SavoirFaire ‘s.

I’ve had social anxiety for the better part of my life.
However, I’ve ‘only’ had an anxiety attack thrice.
And they came when I had passed my 50th.
We are all different, obviously, so it is not to say that you’ll get attacks (too).
Definitely worth to look into it, and do some work on it.

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Yes.Panic attacks aren’t even limited to those who do have anxiety. Not everyone who has had one has anxiety.
It is important to remember that when it comes to things like depression and anxiety, it is not a “one size fits all” deal as @SavoirFaire says. You can have similar symptoms as another person, or have none in common. You don’t even have to have all the symptoms listed. They list such a broad, lengthy amount of symptoms for a reason: It varies person to person.

Yes, look into this stuff now. Best to try and get it manageable early on so it doesn’t worsen.

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I’m here to say that 4 out of 4 Fluther members agree that you can have social anxiety without having panic attacks.

I suffer from social anxiety but the panic attacks I’ve had were not related or caused by it. The panic attacks were caused by something else.

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