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So how much will a phone distort your voice?

Asked by Nevada83 (634points) 1 week ago

I hear that on recordings, your voice sounds how it sounds to other people. But I showed my friend a recording of me singing, and they said I don’t sound that way.

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Depends on the bandwidth and the quality of the recording. The higher the bits-per-second, the more accurate the recording will be.

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If you remove the ‘so’ from your question it will improve it 99%. Very very very few sentences should begin with ‘so’ or ‘ok’.

You first asked about a phone, then recordings. If you want to distort your voice you can buy a device for that. You probably have a teacher who could give you a really good full five-minute answer. I’m sure there is information online as well. I hope you answer this and all of your other life questions. Best wishes.

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Um. Why would I want to distort my voice? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@elbanditoroso thanks for answering my question. facepalm

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