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Who would you date?

Asked by Darknymph (189points) August 31st, 2008

Okay ladies and girls, it’s showtime! Johnny depp.

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Necro, I think he’s HOT!

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For real, well let me say something…..uh check your comments for you box.

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Sorry dark, I was kidding. Very immature of me… He’s much too young for me.

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True but like I say he’s a really nice person. He always cared for me. and uh is there anyone who is a celeb you would date.

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Jack White. Johnny Depp is a very good choice too.

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Johnny Depp!!!

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billie joe Armstrong!

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Jimmy Smits and/or Kevin Costner.

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Orlando Bloom, Vigo Mortenson (if he bathed—he is always grotty in his movies).

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It’s viggo.

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@Darknymph Thanks.

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no problem.

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Christina Applegate. Yes. Even after her mastectomies.

Eva Longoria.

To many others to note.

If it had to be a guy, Johnny Depp would suffice.

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what’s mastectomies??

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