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When you're at work, can you wear absolutely anything you want, or whatever you want within certain parameters (i.e. no jeans, no tank tops), or do you have to wear a uniform?

Asked by jca (36062points) August 31st, 2008

just wondering about various dress codes or lack of at others’ worksites.

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well i am currently unemployed, but at my last job i worked at a fireworks stand which was wonderful because we got to wear whatever, except that it was a bit hot sometimes but that was honestly the only downside

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Ahh, the jobs.

For my job at a pizza place, I wear a uniform.
At the county courthouse, I wear a suit and tie.
On the campaign trail, depending on the event, I either wear a suit and tie or a campaign t-shirt and jeans.

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dress shoes
socks (dark)
dress pants
white shirt

short white socks
and a T’shirt that says something witty but no one at the office gets

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Where I work it’s pretty much a case of anything goes, as long as you are fully dressed!

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Self-employed folks like me, can wear whatever they wish, or nothing at all.

August 31, 2008, 1:54 PM EDT

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@windex: Hopefully that’s not the order in which you put those articles on. =)

I have to wear denim pants and steel toed boots to work. Other than that, any and everything is fair game.

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I work in a call/dispatch center and I wear whatever I want. Most days it’s sweats or sweats that I’ve cut off into capris, a t-shirt (sometimes plain, sometimes not), my Adidas slide sandals (sometimes with socks if I want to feel a little more cozy), and a bandanna.. because most days I don’t feel like spiking my hair. When I get to work, the socks and sandals usually come off and I wear terry flip-flop slippers until I go home.

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Jeans and shirts. Nothing too skimpy or revealing.

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I work in a lab. No dress code.

I wore something pretty revealing the other day (somewhat by accident), and no one had a problem with it.

I can also wear sweatpants and shorts if I so choose.

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@GoS: No lab coat?

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@poofandmook: Nope, no lab coat.

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@GoS: Lucky. I had to wear one for a year and I hated it.

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dressy casual. i.e. Khakis and a decent blouse.

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I’m a preschool teacher. We have to wear our school shirts Mon – Fri with khaki or black pants Mon- Thur, jeans on Friday .

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I wear whatever I want to work.

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Uniform I am a firefighter

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I wear whatever i want as long as its not terribly inappropriate since i work with people. We do have shirts there that have the companys logo on them, but we dont have to wear them all the time, just every once in a while.

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I work at home and can even work skyclad if I want.

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most places I work or have worked allow jeans or dress casual. I think it is almost expected for creative types in design, video editing, animation etc.

At home I wear a hat that says “don’t hassle the man”.

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I work out of my friend’s home office and wear whatever I want. Even if that includes the stinky clothes I just went on a run in, or my sexy biking spandex.

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Hello emilyrose, I am glad to make your sexy biking spandex aquaintance ;-)

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Ha ha. Do you rock the lycra too?

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No, I think there would be a court order in my future if I went out in public wearing lycra. I would test it rather than rock it. hehe

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I have a very specific dress code for work, with very little room for deviation.

Therefore, when I’m at home I wear as little as possible, i.e. t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops. Skyclad scares the fish. also, I think Gardner wrote that in so he could look at naked chicks. not that it bothers me :^)

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Hair done (with a LOT of hairspray), high heels (makes vacuuming with the Hoover easier), nylons (and other unmentionables), full make-up (red lipstick, matching nail polish, mascara, eyebrow pencil and rouge), shirt-maker dress, apron, and a smile. People sometimes mix me up with June, Donna, or Harriet.

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Uniform, as I’m a nurse. Not yet sure if I like it or not, but that doesn’t matter, since I have to wear them :P

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