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Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Cesar Romero, Jared Leto etc...who played Joker best?

Asked by ucme (50037points) January 13th, 2020

Grew up watching re-runs of Batman on the tellybox & loved Romero’s take. Later, Nicholson played the character in his own unique style. Then Ledger’s fantastic portrayal blew them all out the water, one I thought could never be topped.

Along comes Phoenix & changes my mind, he owns that role & deserves all the credit & awards he gets.

Obviously, only fans of the movies should respond, anyone else will just be jerking off :D

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I don’t think I have a strong opinion. I grew up with Romero, who was great, Nicholson was of course very well done and interesting. Ledger was amazing. I haven’t seen Phoenix.

Maybe I’m not enough of a fan, but before you attempt to shame me for my supposed metaphorical auto-erotic activities, I’d also mention that:

I hear Mark Hamill has been a great Joker(‘s voice in cartoon versions) too.

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Hence the “etc.”

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I’ve only ever see Prince being the Joker.
I liked that.

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Mark Hamill

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I haven’t seen the one with Phoenix but probably will at some point.
I hope his version isn’t predictable as I like to reserve my anger for more important things like tight suits on men.

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Mark Hamill at No. 1, followed by Heath Ledger.
Phoenix was great playing a man who becomes the Joker, but he did not play the Joker himself.

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Anyone not named Jack Nicholson.

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The best Joker was Frank Gorshin as The Riddller.

From Romero to Ledger and Phoenix, they;re all bad jokes..

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I watched The Dark Knight for the umpteenth time recently followed up by seeing Joker for the third time, once at the cinema.
Definitive conclusion…both Ledger & Phoenix put in awesome performances, hard to seperate, but Phoenix, for me, just edges it.
Also…Batman kinda ruins it, who needs him?

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Phoenix wasn’t the Joker. That’s plain Hollywood commercialism BS. Heath Ledger maybe was The Joker because that movie had Batman in it. No great comic book villain deserves a solo movie of his or her own.

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Mark Hamill (voice) Jack Nicholson (actor)

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“Joker” was the best movie of the year last year and if Phoenix doesn’t win best actor then the Oscars are completely irrelevant. And he was my favorite.

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@Caravanfan Agreed 100% on both counts!

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In order of preference:

Mark Hamill
Heath Ledger
Caesar Romero
Jack Nicholson
Joaquin Phoenix
Lon Cheney
Jared Leno

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