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Would you have gotten in trouble in school for drawing a hand sticking up the middle finger on the board?

Asked by Nevada83 (1022points) January 14th, 2020

I did once in 1st grade, and no one even understood what it was I drew. I’m still shocked I didn’t get in trouble.

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I was a serious student, so I wouldn’t have done such a silly thing!!!

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@LadyMarissa this was in 2004/5, Lol. I definitely became a more serious student later on.

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Yes, as I was able to draw.

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Trouble? Paddled at school then by mom.

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Only if caught.

I drew a lot of very elaborate and bizarre drawings across chalkboards while skipping classes in school, whence I was able to see reactions as the class filed in. A drawing of flipping the bird I would have considered kinda, um, meh… dull and stupid.

One of my favorite was a stupid ‘sun’ character, as speaking to a child audience, leading the children to sing bizarre cultlike songs and teachings. Dream sequences and alien abduction paraphenalia and scenes inspired by Dark Shadows and Freddy Kruger were common.

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I’m not sure on 1st grade, but I would have gotten talked to somehow I am sure, if I didn’t know it’s meaning.

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Yes. In grade one I said the F word and had to drink a mouthful of sunlight dish soap.

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I used to draw them on the backs of the teachers as they were busy with the board.
I got a C in art lol

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I went to four different schools.

Age 6–10: Yes, slightly. Maybe something like being written up in “the book”.

Age 10–12: Yes. I had a British teacher, and he would not have been amused. I think he would have sent me to see the headteacher, who could be scary for troublemakers. That school was big on integrity and respect.

Age 12–16: No. At Free School, that would have been completely ignored.

Age 16–18: No, teachers were busy dealing with real problems.

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I would have drawn it lefthanded, I’m a righthanded person, then they would played hell proving it was me. I once wrote: “KISS MY ASS!” On the blackboard and then pulled the map down to cover it. I wrote it lefthanded. They suspected it was me, but couldn’t prove it. They turned the matter over to my parents to solve. My parents couldn’t prove I did it. Even under the threat of a spanking I still denied it. I hated that teacher with a passion, and it was my last act of defiance before I went to Junior High. The teacher began locking his door during the lunch break.

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