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Why do people mostly don't like their government?

Asked by SunitaMishra (18points) January 15th, 2020

Question is out of curiosity. Government is elected by people and works for people. Then what happens when the elected government starts makings/passing rules (obviously some like and some don’t) but in a democracy this is bound to happen. Why people start burning public properties and disrupt daily government business where this is not going to help anyone.

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The government is too intrusive.
The government is not intrusive enough.
You pick.

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Most politicians are corrupt. Any government, any country, and any level of government.

Add power to the mix and you have corrupt people that can hurt you.

No wonder people don’t like government.

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Because they tend to be liars , self serving only helping their corporate lobbyists and stomping on the poor working slob that elected them.

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The people are like young children.
The government is like their parents, making the rules, enforcing them.
Kids, inherently, don’t like rules.

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Because they’re mostly a bunch of arrogant, incompetent old farts.

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I liked my government under Obama. God, is it November yet?

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They are trying to become a dictatorship. Almost like they want the people to rebel, so they can declare war and end the overpopulation problem.

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