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How cold is it where you live right now?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22792points) January 15th, 2020

We are having an arctic cold front hit all of southern BC right now, even Vancouver and Vancouver island are seeing cold and snow.
Right now where we are it’s -22c.
Northern BC is having temps hit as low as -48c.
How cold is it where you are?

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Today is 58F.

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It’s not!

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We are supposed to hit over freezing next week when this arctic front gets pushed out.

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27F kinda foggy

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47 F/ 8 C right now as of 4 pm.

Supposed to get colder in the next few days. Recent temps have been unseasonably warm.

Winter has not been that bad yet, so far. In the past few years, it seems March is bad with snow and ice storms, while January and February haven’t been terrible.

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It’s a balmy 38F.

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43f at 4AM 62f now (1:30 PM)

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About 71 degrees F in Memphis, and humid. Not too bad but requires air conditioning.

But several of those cold fronts are coming through.

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Right this sec it’s 62°F on my front porch. Your cold weather is supposed to hit here between Fri & Mon. Personally, I wish you’d keep it on your side of the border!!!

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I think it hit 84F today. Low 62F. Sunny, blue skies, I had windows open in the early morning, and I wanted to go swimming, but the time got away from me.

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It’s 4:30am and it’s 61F and very humid. It’s damn uncomfortable at the moment

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It was hotter at 4:30am than it was at 3:00pm. Strange freaking weather

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Well under 20 degrees yesterday, We had so much snow. Today it’s 42 degrees currently. Still lots of snow, but starting to melt.

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Cold as a well digger’s ass.

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It’s 20°F cooler today than yesterday but it feels a lot warmer. I’m not sure what to wear when I have to go out because the weather isn’t matching the statistics!!!

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Dropped to 15F in southern NY. Snow coming tomorrow, just a few inches. I want to go to the food store in the morning but I know it will be a madhouse.

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The colder air has made it to us as of last night. It is 2F colderat noon than it was at 5am this morning. I’m dreading the next 4–6 weeks

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It’s 25°F colder today than it was on Saturday. My butt is freezing!!! @SQUEEKY2 I politely requested you keep your frigid air on your side of the border…I think you failed!!!

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You can have it @LadyMarissa our cold snap ended yesterday already seeing temps above freezing today was 5c and remember 0c is freezing.

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Yesterday it was snowing. Today it’s 55 with beautiful sunshine!!!

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That is almost exactly what it is here today.

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^I had a similar experience

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Missouri’s got gorgeous 72 degree day coming for the Super Bowl. It’s a soft yellow light with a million birds singing happily.

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SNOW, it just keeps falling and falling.

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(((((((((( @RabidWolf ))))))))))
PLEASE keep it &don’t send it down South!!!

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Aw come on, lease just a few flurries that might turn into a bit of fun for the kiddies.

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NOOOOOO…the kiddies can play in the red mud!!!

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