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How do i get over the one that got away?

Asked by Durnnnnn (26points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Need help getting over someone. WHAT DO I DO ???
This guy, we aren’t talking anymore, we weren’t even officially ‘going out’ but it was very much real, it’s over now for reasons sort of out of our control….. I’ve been through this shitty breakup phase millions of times but this one is so different. In all my naivety I genuinely believe he is 100% the one that got away. Nobody has ever matched me like he does. I feel unbelievable empty and incomplete and sick to my stomach because I feel like I’ve missed the biggest and most important opportunity of my life. HOW do I get over this? Wtf is going on ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿ I cant focus on anything and my life feels pointless without him. He’s so close yet so far away. I know what he wants and I fully believe nobody is more perfect for him then I am. Fuck fuck fuck fuck my life.

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Were you this frantic / crazed while with this guy? If so, that’s probably why you’re not with him anymore. How old are you? 15?

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Put that talent to use and enroll in a drama/theatre class! :)
Seriously, find something else to do besides ruminate on what wasn’t. There are so many people out there in this world,you are bound to find someone at some point.

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Here’s a clue…he isn’t the one. You might THINK he is, but he’s not. If he were the one (and I’m not sure there is such a thing) he would be as ga-ga for you as you are for him. Take a deep breath, consider that life is preparing you for someone better in the future, and take that first step to your new life.

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I am soooooo tempted to respond “Have a nice Day!”

No person in the world is worth getting sick over.

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In the course of your lifetime, he’s really NOT that important!!! It may seem like it now; but in 30 years, you won’t even remember his name. I took millions of pictures of the ones that I felt the closest to & I didn’t mark the pics because I’d NEVER forget them. I pulled out the box & I could remember how important I thought they were, but I couldn’t even remember their names. Since then, I met, married, & lost the love of my life & nothing has changed. The sun still comes up every morning & the moon comes up at night & life doesn’t even slow down!!!

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Nevertheless rejection hurts for both parties.

” it’s over now for reasons sort of out of our control..”

Let time separated determine if this will continue of not, but one thing is for sure is if fighting is prevalent, he is not the right one.

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If you love somebody set them free.

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Ask your self this question:
Why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?

Find someone who appreciates you and want to be part of your life.

Good health.

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Give it time. At least six months.

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Keep yourself busy, especially by doing useful things for other people. Be extremely busy. Just because you loved him, does not mean that he is the person you should be with. It doesn’t work that way.

Make sure you fill up your calendar being useful, so you won’t have time to pine away for this person.

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I tried getting drunk. I bought a 5th of Jack, cracked the seal put the bottle to my lips and tilted it back and drank down half the bottle. I wanted to just feel nothing, to be unconscious. 20 years shot to shit. For 20 years it was a lie. What I did was dangerous since alcohol thins the blood, and I was on blood thinners. I just didn’t give a fuck. I got my machetes and went out back and beat the hell out of a tree. After about an hour of releasing everything inside me on that tree, I went in took a shower, got dressed and killed the other half of the bottle. I never got drunk. 5th of Jack shot to hell. The next day I fixed me some rice with every veg that vitamin K in it and ate it. Then the next day I went and got my blood tested. I was in the safety range.

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It will be eazy to move on when you find someone better.

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