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Does this Bernie Sanders ad change your perception of his electability?

Asked by gorillapaws (24549points) 1 month ago

This ad: was just released by some independent Bernie supporters. Does it change your perspective on his electability vs. Trump in a general election?

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Looks like a seventies Pepsi commercial.

Edit: Do I need to point out the irony?

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Not really. Tugging on heart strings was all I saw there. As of right now Biden is the only one I see with some semblance of a chance against Trump. I don’t think it’s a very good chance either.

If you want to hear Sanders talking like a regular person Joe Rogan had him on his podcast

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I don’t see how it would. At this point you’re ether willing to support Sanders or you’re dead set against him. This ad won’t change that.

For myself, I’m undecided, as yet, for the primary, but I’d have no qualms voting for Bernice in the general.

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Marxism usually leads to the societal problems, shortages, and scarcities in this ad, not solve them,.

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No, not a bit. He looks like a dotering old man who can’t remember to tie his own shoes. He looks a lot like my great grandpa. When I hear him speak, he makes a little bit of sense and then he floats off into rambling where he loses me

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Nothing Sanders proposes is Marxist. But this has all been explained to you many times. You’re ether unable or unwilling to grasp it.

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^ Unwilling

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A lot of people are running around declaring that they “feel the Bern”. Personally, I don’t feel the Bern & I found the ad to be offensive as it seems to think I’d be a cheap date who’d fall for any old line thrown at me!!! IF Bernie wants my respect, he best treat me with RESPECT!!!

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The ad is aimed at a non-caucasian demographic, that’s for sure.

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It changes nothing in my perception of Bernie

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I love this ad. I don’t think it changes my perception of his electability. Maybe it will move some people to vote for him, I don’t know. Bernie has always made me a little nervous, just a little too far to the left for me. Although, like a friend said to me, he would t be able to get done everything he talks about, but maybe it would move policy enough to the left that it would be a good shift. She might be right about that.

I remember years ago being in the library in Memphis for a special exhibit they were having and I was sitting watching a short film about the antisemitic event in Billing’s in the ‘90’s where thousands of people in the town put paper menorahs in their windows to support the Jewish families in their town. Sitting with me was a small class of young children—black children. After the movie their teacher talked to them and asked them if they would stand up for people not like them. If they were Jewish, atheist, or some other trait that they didn’t necessarily personally identify with. Those children maybe would think back to that lesson that day watching this ad. At least I would hope so.

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I love that Dylan song, but is from a different era. Is he trying to connect to us aging hippies? I really like Sanders on a personal level, but I can’t see him as president. I just don’t think he has what the office requires.

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I agree with @LostInParadise He’d make a good advocate for causes, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be president. And as for me personally, he is too far left and has a personal history of ties to Soviet communism.

The Bob Dylan song belongs to another era, when change was a kind of freedom and liberation, and today is nostalgia for many of us.

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I like it. I think he’d make a great president. From a European perspective, of course, he is not far left. But I think his ideas could bring about a much kinder country. Americans have to worry much more than the average European. When your country is incredibly wealthy, you shouldn’t have to worry so much.

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@Yellowdog “And as for me personally, he is too far left and has a personal history of ties to Soviet communism.”

Yeah, like how he ingratiates himself with an old KGB officer. Oh, wait, that’s not Bernie who does that…

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He spent his honeymoon in Moscow and has lived on a commune

When I was in college, the Communist Student Union idolized him.

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Yes, as mayor of Burlington, VT he visited Yaroslavl (a city about 160 miles from Moscow) on a diplomatic agenda (as part of the Sister Cities program), during a time of thawing relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.

And he lived, for a few months, on a kibbutz. Lots of Jewish folks who spend time in Israel do. It’s a religious/cultural thing. Is there a problem with that?

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@Yellowdog @Darth_Algar when I was in college I spent a year on a Kibbutz. Does that disqualify me from being president?

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The Kibbutz is a thoroughly Jewish concept and experience. Bernie Sanders had obvious Soviet leanings and didn’t hide it.

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To his eternal credit! But the “Soviet” leanings is not accurate!

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@Yellowdog “The Kibbutz is a thoroughly Jewish concept and experience.”

And yet you just criticized him for having that experience. Again, I ask: is there a problem with it?

“Bernie Sanders had obvious Soviet leanings and didn’t hide it.”

How? Explain.

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No, Bernie’s experience in the Kibbutz is not problematic.

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Then why bring it up in the first place?

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I’ve heard that the Marx bros (Groucho, Harpo, Chico, & Karl) loved to kibitz! ;-)

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Bernie has Soviet leanings? What? How? Most Jews are eternally grateful for being able to come to the US and have freedom of religion and for the most part live in safety. Bernie’s family fled Eastern Europe and he was able to achieve what he has because of what America is. You can be sure he doesn’t forget that. Jews were oppressed and even killed in Russia and other communist countries. WTH?

Edit: possibly during the Soviet Union there was more tolerance than the Russian Empire during the Pogroms, but I don’t know that history well. The Soviet government promoted atheism and wanted to take religion away from the people, so already that’s horrible.

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@JLeslie I think that @Yellowdog is conflating two things.

Kibbutzim were originally modeled on a socialist (all share for the benefit of all) model, as a means of building Israel both before and after its independence. Early kibbutzim – 1910 and on – were originally settled by Bolsheviks (there really wasn’t a ‘Communism’ back that early). Of course kibbutzim in 2020 are totally different than they were 80–100 years ago.

SO my guess is that @Yellowdog, perhaps not understanding that socialism is not communism, is applying the ‘communist’ label to Sanders, inaccurately. The republican party supporters are known for smearing people out of ignorance.

As for the “soviet” part – that’s just made up.

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I think Yellowdog conflates a lot of things.

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