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Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Why?

Asked by SergeantQueen (9276points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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I am pro-abortion. If Hitler had been aborted, a lot of lives would have been saved.

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I am pro-life. Reason is, unless you were forced or abused into something, in most cases you chose to have a baby in some way. So, have the baby and give it life. It deserves to live. However, if you don’t want the baby or decide you can’t provide and care for it. Then there are many who can’t have kids for whatever reason, that would love to adopt a child. I was adopted myself.

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Oh GOD not this again, you could do a back search on this subject on this site and see who prefers what.

This subject has been debated to death, religious freaks would rather see the mother die than even consider an abortion.
But just to bring my view or opinion into it I consider it a shitty form of birth control, but in cases of rape,incest, or the mothers health or life in jeopardy I am one million percent for it and anyone have a problem with that, can go screw themselves.
and oh yeah in the mean time it really is the woman’s call.

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I’m neither. It is between a woman and her doctor.

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If it looks like a human baby then don’t kill it unless the mother’s life is threatened.

It it looks like a blob, a fish, frog or a duck and or is severely defective then kill it.

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I am pro choice. It is and should be the choice of the woman as to whether she wants to have a baby or not.

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But it is a mistake to call anti-abortion people ‘pro life’. It is more accurate to call them ‘anti-choice’.

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I believe all life has value from ants to trees.

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I’m pro- choice, and in some cases, pro-abortion. Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. It’s no one’s business except the woman’s. Not even the father’s, although it would be nice if both people were in agreement.

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Pro-choice. I’ve explained it at least a dozen times here over the years.

1. I do not consider an unborn child to be a human being.
2. I especially don’t consider an embryo to be human being.
3. I do value the life and welfare of a pregnant woman.
4. I trust a pregnant woman to have more than enough tendency to want to keep their own child alive.
5. I also think it’s none of anyone’s business other than the mother’s to make such a choice. I think it’s a fundamental right of a woman to choose to bear a child or not.
6. I think trying to restrict access to abortion by making it illegal is a violation of human rights. Bearing a child can be fatal and life-changing in negative ways. Depriving a woman of that choice can also have terrible effects.
7. I also think the result of illegalizing abortion will be LOTS of illegal abortion, suffering, and deaths.
8. I believe in separation of church and state, and the objections to abortion are mostly Christians of sects with preachers who tell them what to think about this. A law based on that religious delusion is a violation of church and state. Many peoples’ spiritual beliefs do NOT have abortion as murder or something to be illegalized. Christians can not have abortions if they feel that way. The USA was founded on people fleeing religious prosecution.
9. Forcing or persuading women to have unwanted children tends to result in lots of suffering for the woman, the child, and many people around them.
10. The laws being proposed by “pro-life” people tend to be insane and nightmarish, and disturb me far more than abortions do.
11. Most other Western and Asian nations agree that abortion is a choice of the mother.

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I’m for what makes sense given the circumstances. People treat this as a black and white issue but it’s not. I don’t like it but I find myself on the pro-choice side more when it comes to medical issues and pro-life when it comes to abortions of convenience. I will never feel good about either though.

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@KNOWITALL Just a quick question. If you are pro-life, are you against the separation of children as young as a few months old from their parents at the borders? Or is being pro-life only applicable until birth?

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I’m pro-choice.

I’ve been on the news at pro-choice rallies in the area. I am hoping when my daughter grows up, she never has to make the choice but the choice will be available for her to make.

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Here’s my answer: It’s none of my business. Whatever the woman decides she has to live with. It’s between her and God.

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Pro Choice: because it’s wrong to compel others to obey your moral beliefs, especially when there are inconsistencies in your position.

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@KNOWITALL “I believe all life has value…”

No you don’t.

Every day every human on Earth loses like 30k-40k human skin cells. Every one of them has the potential to become a human being under the right circumstances. Do you express remorse for the bacteria that you poop out? “All life has value” is a convenient fiction. It sounds nice but is almost certainly not actually true when you dive deeper into the implications.

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Pro-life. It wasn’t always that way.
My reasons are personal.

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@janbb & @gorillapaws You’re certainly entitled to your opinions, but I’m not responding to your trolling.

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@KNOWITALL I found @janbb‘s question to you to be legitimate.

And I also have one for you. You have made it very clear that you do not want to raise children, which is fine, but how can you reconcile that with not being willing to adopt a child that you would force another woman to carry to term?

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There is no such thing as pro-choice. It’s both pro-life. I just care about the life of the female more than the unborn.

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@mazingerz88 GA! I disagree with the nomenclature too.

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@canidmajor You aren’t reading the other threads then, it’s been asked and answered many times. Nothing I do or don’t do justifies the genocide of millions of American children by their parent.
Am I supposed to adopt a few kids to make my personal choice not to get pregnant or be a parent acceptable to you? I’m not creating the children, so I’m not part of the problem. Many of us are trying to find solutions that don’t include wholesale murder of our most defenseless.

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Lordy, @KNOWITALL, such hyperbole! After all is said and done, it is what we do ourselves that speaks loudest to our principles. You waving your arms about and yelling “something should be done!” Without being willing to do the most basic thing is a great way to avoid responsibility on a personal level. It’s easy to have a “someone else will clean it up” attitude when you are not the one wielding the mop, isn’t it?

And, BTW, do look up the definition of “genocide”. You are misusing the word.

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@canidmajor (sigh)
I don’t need to justify NOT killing a living being, or my decision not to be a parent.

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