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What was the name of the first boy/girl you ever kissed?

Asked by ucme (49080points) 1 month ago

Of course by kissed I do in fact mean snogged!
Also, you may only give their first name in order to avoid legal action :D

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Gabriella McG. Second grade, age 7

I did not see her again for another 20 years, when I ended up working with her sister.

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I was 14, he was my first ‘boyfriend’ It happened once in the entire year long ‘relationship’ and was not making out just a quick kiss before I left

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Jennifer M. She was the daughter of my aunt’s friend. We hung out at the pool at their apartment building one Summer. We were twelve.

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I can’t play as sadly, I’ve never kissed a girl…weep for me!

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His name was Rory. We used to go behind the portable classrooms and make out under the oak trees in high school. Halcyon days :D

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We were about 10 years old.
We were “going with each other”.
One day I made a batik, in a workshop, in an other school we visited, which I very generously gifted to her.
She ran off, screaming and cursing, as she thought I’d given her my dirty handkerchief.
We were separated after that.

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He wasn’t in my dreams either. He was real, dammit.

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Wow, you people “snogging” (making out) at 7 and 10 are crazy young.

My first make out session was with a boy named Matt. We were in junior high together. He was my best friend’s brother’s best friend. So he spent the night at my best friend’s house one night. We played hide and seek. Of course it was a set up. Where were her parents? I know they weren’t dumb. I mean we were 14 and 12.

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What does snogged mean?

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Sherri in third grade at a birthday party.

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I wish it was my first love, Dianne, whom I never got over. She moved away and I could not maintain a long distance relationship with her. We were 14 and 13.

I kissed a few girls in High School—the first one was a girl named Debra, and we were only going steady a couple of months. Not even all that serious of a relationship, and we broke up amicably because we both were interested in relations with others and agreed to let each other go,

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Kissed? age 13 – Joan

Sex? age 17 – Susan

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Age 12. Not a good snog, we had no clue.

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@chyna Kissed on the mouth passionately like with someone you fancy, not an uncle :D

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Okay, I lied…her name was Debbie & our tongues collided in the stairwell of a cathedral.
Yeah, you heard that right lol

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@ucme Such a bad boy! At church?! Ha!

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@KNOWITALL Haha, no it was the flame haired jezebel that led me astray…honest! :D

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18, Leslie. I was a late bloomer but it was very, very good.

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David, during recess, first grade. Iiked him. He had eyes for Shelley. I told him she would never kiss him if he didn’t know how, like in the movies. We went behind a tree, and he gave it a go. Kevin busted us.
As discipline, we were made to stay in the classroom during afternoon recess. Alone! :-D

My first boyfriend kiss I was fifteen. We were kissing, and he suggested trying a French kiss. Ew! I turned my head, and got a tongue in my ear.
His name was also David.
If he is a jelly reading this, I’m willing to give that another shot now.

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First real kiss? Larry was his name. I was 14; he was 16.

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I think Chris was my first. It was spin the bottle. I didn’t want to play. Peer pressure. The adults should have been checking. I was in 6th grade.

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Her name was Robin. My parents had taken me with them to a gun show. and I saw her from a distance and yelled for her. We ran to each other and kissed. We were both 12 at the time. It embarrassed the hell out of my mother and her parents. Dad was proud of me. Robin was very cute. Hey, all those guns and the smell of gun oil got me started then seeing her again finished me off.

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Kissed – Arthur & we were both 10. We got married every Friday & the bride & groom were instructed to kiss by the preacher but there was NO passion to it!!!

Snogged – Dan, I was 16 & he was 17. We dated for over a year before we found our passion!!!

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I was 11 and he was 33. He was a security guard at the Jewish Community Center. He got fired when my mom found out and threatened to tell all the parents at the JCC if they didn’t fire him.

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@jca2 WHAT ???
I’d be telling the police if I was your mother. That is disgusting.

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