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What material can I make a shield out of?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32875points) 1 month ago

I need to make a shield to keep clay scraps from flying all over the place when I am trimming pots on the potter’s wheel.
It should be water resistant,flexible and simple to take on and off.I’d like to attach it to the front where the scraps would be headed.(the side opposite the brand name)
I am not sure how I will do that.
I initially thought velcro but that will eventually get clogged with clay so I’ll probably clamp it.
What I do know is that I am tired of the huge mess it creates.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Look for a flexible plastic sheet from a hobby store, or maybe a hardware store. You may have to create a frame to hold it and drill holes in the sheet, then secure it with screws to the frame.

A couple of years ago we purchased 200 gallon plastic barrels that had been used to store food in. We found them on craigslist For about $20 each. When we moved we gave them to a friend who cut them up for other uses. They would be very thick and even curved to fit your needs.

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You might make a mud flap from a transport truck work, and you might be able to get one for free if your town has and trucking companies stop and ask if they have any old ones you might have,take it to the car wash hose it off and see if it will work.

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Yes, also look at rubber floor mats for a car. If you can’t find one free somewhere you could probably pick one up pretty cheap edit discount store.

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@snowberry & @SQUEEKY2 -Thanks for these suggestions! :)

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And barring that, a few sheets of plywood propped up in the right position would probably do a great job without much work on your part.

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@snowberry -Ideally, I’d like to make something I can take on and off easily as I am not usually doing this task for a long period of time.I switch between trimming and throwing.
The mess it makes in the short amount of time that I am doing it however, is staggering. LOL

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I’m thinking of those cones that they put on dogs after they’ve had surgery. I don’t know how you would do it though.

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I bet this keeps Wonder Woman awake at night!

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Use a free standing clothes drying rack. You can get an adjustable height, single bar rack for $10 to $20.
Drape a sheet of plastic over that, ad clamp to the wheel frame. The plastic sheet will fold up to fit anywhere for cleaning, and the whole thing stores away easily.

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@ucme- My hub is always telling me to get some rest Lol
@Patty- Some people do use plastic tarps but they lay them on the floor. I don’t want to do that as I’ll probably trip.
I need to put up a vertical barrier to keep them from going beyond the wheel as I find these scraps 10’ from the wheel.
it’s a messy thing.

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That is the purpose of the free standing laundry rack. They go as high as six or seven feet .clamp the plastic to it, and your machine.

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Papier mache’
When dry, paint it with clear varnish or paint it with latex paint.
Create it in sections tied together with string for flexibility.

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@Patty_Melt -I see what you’re saying now. I have one of those racks but it is short.
The tall version might be too ungainly though.
@kritiper -Your idea could work. I just think there is something quicker out there. I am going to the store tomorrow to see what I can find.
Thank you all for your help:)

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Fast and cheap:
– kids’ plastic place mats
– spring clamps

More long term:
bent plexiglass
– mount with bolt spacer so it’s not flush

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Get a shower curtain.

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Hairdressers’ cape.

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