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What is this phenomenon called?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44144points) January 17th, 2020

Some people can’t stand to wear socks, because the seam irritates them so badly. Isn’t there a name for it, or is it a mental thing?
A FB friend said her daughter just won’t wear socks because she can never get the seam straight.
I had a little girl in my daycare that complained of the same thing. Her words were “I’m having a reaction in my shoe.”
You know how kids pick up on things. Around that same time my son and I were sitting on the couch and he said, “I’m having a reaction in my pants!” I almost fell off the couch laughing!

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Wardrobe Malfunction !


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Oh, @rebbel, I love you so much right now!!! :-D

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You’re on a roll @rebbel!

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Both of my children would scream sometimes that their “socks aren’t right!!” It didn’t take long for me to solve that by making them wear their socks inside out. Seriously, why are socks made with that irritating seam on the inside?

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I’m examining my socks. The seam runs across the top of my toes.

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Common sense.
I fucking hate socks. Only wearing them now because my toe nail fell of and it hurts rubbing against my shoe

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A neurosis

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That’s kinda what I expected @Caravanfan.

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There are socks with no seems. Get the kid the seemless ones. The granddaughter of a friend of mine has this problem. Her mother refused to help the kid. I told my friend to go buy the child some socks she can wear. Poor kid. She did, and it made a huge difference.

I know a jelly who has a child who has this problem too.

I think maybe it was sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder? Maybe there was another diagnosis I don’t remember. I don’t remember if those children were actually diagnosed.

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I’ve found that putting socks on so that the seams are on the outside of the socks, significantly reduces toe trauma. ;-)

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Socks are supposed to protect the feet from the ruff insides of shoes.

Sounds like a psychological disorder. Perhaps have the kids wears shoes without sock to help them appreciate socks more.

I tried running 7½ miles without socks once. When I removed my shoes my feet were embossed with Adidas 3 stripes in blood.

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Princess and the pea

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@gondwanalon This isn’t a spoiled brat thing. It’s truly uncomfortable for some people. Your answer reminds me of force feeding children.

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Ima thinking that socks were invented by the Dutch (my people) to cushion the wooden shoes! Only the Dutch would have the attitude to steal land from the ocean (and make shoes from wood. )

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^^I have wooden shoes I wear barefoot. The pair I have now are sandals, but I had clogs when I was a teen. I’ve worn clogs with socks too.

Did the Dutch actually invent socks? Or, you’re just putting the idea out there? It seems like most cultures in cold places would think to cover their feet to protect against the elements and for comfort in their shoes too.

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Being sensitive?

I hated socks when I was a kid for the “won’t line up” reason, and I still am picky about socks. For some years, my solution was tube socks.

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Sensory processing disorder?

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@gondwanalon her Mom decided it was one of those small things we’re not supposed to sweat, so she doesn’t make her wear them. She did put a pair in her back pack though, in case she changes her mind.

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@Zaku Tube socks have a seam at the toe.

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There are lots of seamless socks made for children.

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