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Can anyone identify this? No markings.

Asked by jackfrost80138 (12points) 1 month ago

A friend has this and was asking for help identifying.

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I’ve had good luck looking on Ebay finding something like this.

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It’s difficult to search ebay for this specific bottle as I have no details. I tried a reverse image search with no luck

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I tried an image search for perfume bottle with gold dome cap and saw a lot of similar.

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Reverse image search it and look at where its been posted. That should help.

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It looks a lot like a very old Avon perfume bottle to me

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Look on eBay for “Avon Rare Gold”. The newer bottles look nothing like this, but the older ones do. I think I saw a price range of $15–30. Most included the perfume as well.

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I think that’s it @yarnlady.

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