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Can a psychic be diverted from his extra-sensory perceptions by a radio-frequency weapon that fires focused beams of electromagnetic energy?

Asked by luigirovatti (2218points) January 18th, 2020

I’m talking about a precisely controlled anti-personnel weapon that uses electromagnetic waves to trigger responses in the brains of unsuspecting victims. According to my research, it could be a maser, but I don’t know.

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No more or less than anyone else, since psychics are all frauds.

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Probably yes, @luigirovatti – but it would not be random firing of lasers at all frequencies. It would have to be a tightly aimed frequency – to the hundredths or thousands of a hertz, tuned to the exact frequency of the brain waves of the psychic. And as we all know, those brain waves are personal / idiosyncratic to each individual – they are not all the same for everyone.

To be effective, you would have to know the frequency of psychic #1, and then be able to tune your radio frequency weapon. Otherwise you will fail.

Why are you researching this?

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@elbanditoroso: You know, following the X-Files.

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No, since psychic powers don’t actually exist. Psychics are nothing more than grifters conning the gullible. “I want to believe” indeed.

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The only way to truly divert a psychic is to wave a twenty dollar bill where he can see it.

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If you are a writer, go with the X-files explanation and any testing or evidence behind it.

In real life, if extrasensory or psionic abilities exist, they are not reliably consistent—something electromagnetic or some energy might be measured but what’s actually happening is not something that can be measured or controlled with physics or science.

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Probably not, or only somewhat.

It depends on the theory of ESP you’re working with, and whether this is for fiction or if you’re conjecturing about reality.

Certainly there are people who are sure they are distracted by electromagnatism, turn off electricity in their home to sleep, etc. But I don’t know of research that high-powered radio waves can break concentration.

I don’t think that ESP itself is thought to be about radio-frequency EM radiation. While a brain does put off various EM emissions, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more than side-effects, or that brain processes themselves would respond to EM broadcasts much if at all.

Of course, extremely strong EM radiation can tend to do… things… but unless/until someone accurately associates EM with ESP, there’s no way to target it specifically.

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Wouldn’t it be easier, and much less costly, to place an aluminum-foil cap over every psychic’s head?

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You can microwave anyone’s brain. I’m seeing the future, it won’t end well for that person.

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Hey, if you’re writing the screenplay, YOU get to decide how reality works.

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