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What hair color suits green eyes?

Asked by Joyforjoy (45points) 1 month ago

I have black hair and green eyes. I want to dye my hair recently, but don’t know what color to choose.

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Dark hair goes well with green eyes. Natural red, (not dyed) goes best with green eyes, but dyed red hair does not suit the contrast appropriately.

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Go to a local wig shop & try on several different colors until you find one you like. You can then dye your hair to match the wig’s color…or buy a wig so you don’t have to dye your hair. You don’t always get great results when trying to go from black to a completely different color.

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Read Ricki Lakes hair loss story. Bleaching or dying hair damages it. Dark hair and green eyes is a great combination.

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IMHO The color that nature gives you. You can’t go wrong with that.

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I’d go auburn myself. Chestnut undertones.

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Black hair with light eyes is absolutely beautiful!
One commonly sees blondes & redheads, then brunettes with green eyes but black hair with green eyes? Not as much which makes it interesting and gorgeous.
I’d leave it alone.
Maybe get a different haircut?

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Auburn hair and green eyes is a winner.

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I think that if I had the balding issues that you have spoken of on here, I’d never think of dying my naturally black hair any other color. You’d have to strip the color in order to go any other color. That in itself could cause the rest of your hair to fall out. You have been asking questions about wearing your wig, so why not wear a different color wig. Then if it doesn’t go with your eyes, you have other options

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Your natural black hair but with highlights instead of dyeing all of your hair.

Talk with a Professional Hairstylist who will show you different strands of colored hair that can be attached with a clip for you to see it on you before trying the highlights and with the proper lighting to view it.
Highlighting some strands is much better than a total dye, and you might like it.

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Dying is messy, expensive, and damaging to hair and scalp. There are many alternatives if you feel you need a change. A cut, or wig as mentioned above, or streaks, which can be faked with the extensions.
If you want to go nuts, check eBay for hair accessories. They have extensions, wigs, clips, sparkles, and lights galore. That’s right, you can make your head blink. I have purchased a few items on there, and surprisingly cheap. Just use caution, always notice the shipping rate. It is always best to put stuff in your cart, instead of buy it now.

There are so many ways to go.

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I have green eyes and my hair is blonde. I think black hair/green eyes would be stunning.

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It really depends on your skin tone. I have green eyes and naturally mousey brown hair (which is now getting lots of grey in it)
I have been dying my hair for 30 years in different shades of red. But, i am fair skinned with freckles. Most people think it’s my natural hair color. Of if not, it should be. But red hair runs in my family so there you go.
If your skin is more olive I would go with the dark hair. I think that would be pretty.

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I have dark brown hair (it’s dyed and it’s probably closer to black than “brown”) and light green eyes and I get a lot of compliments on the contrast. The color I most want to try (but never really do as it’s my sister’s signature color) is red.

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