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Which SUV should I get?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) January 19th, 2020

My 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe got totaled after someone rear-ended me. Had to say goodbye to it the other day. I really liked that car and it did well for me, so I was thinking of getting a 2019 version of it, but now I’m also considering other options.

There is the 2019 Honda CR-V

2019 Nissan Rogue

2019 Toyota RAV4

And again, 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

I’m in a rental right now and it’s a Nissan Kicks SV – I kind of hate it. It’s like juuuust too small for me. I’m a big guy at 6“0 and the front makes me feel cramped. I’m also used to having a bigger hatchback, as I tend to carry many things.

I wondered if anyone had any experiences with the above models, or what their opinions are on the models I listed besides the Santa Fe. One thing is to read all these features but another is to actually listen to what people have to say about them.

My concern is that I recently moved so my new daily commute is roughly 55 miles (going and coming back). The Santa Fe has/had a mpg of 24 highway miles. The others have higher. Then again, I do plan on changing jobs within a year so this new daily commute isn’t long-term. I’m worried that the other models won’t be as roomy or comfortable as the Santa Fe, or as safe. My old Santa Fe could really take a beating and survived a previous rear-end accident. I’m also generally unfamiliar with those other models, so any advice or comments or criticisms on them would be great!

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I don’t recommend a Chevy Suburban.
We once rented a 2017.
My arse was killing me after a trip in one of those beasts. You’d think they’d know how to make a comfortable seat at this point in time. They don’t.
As for the ones you’ve listed, I do not know how they’d be,
Good luck.

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I had a 2004 Honda CRV for 11 years, only got rid of it when it got slammed while parked and was declared totaled by the insurance company. Then I got a 2015 CRV. I have really liked all the Hondas I’ve had, (the 2015 is number 4) and happily recommend them.

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I had a CRV for twenty years, until it finally died. loved it.

Last year while visiting Colorado for a week, I rented a 2019 CRV and was amazed at what a nice car it is. Performed well at 11,000 feet. Comfortable, Our family likes them enough that my son is shopping for a used one.

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What about a Porsche Cayenne?

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Toyota is the only way to go these days. Nissan has let quality slip considerably and most other SUVs simply don’t compare.

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^^^^i’d take a Honda over a Toyota any day.

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Not me, but I would take a Honda 2nd.

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Are you considering Subaru as well? The people I know who own them, seem to really love them.

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I’ve never had a CRV, but I have had Honda’s and the drive was great. Both of my Honda’s, and an Acura, got great gas mileage compared to similar cars, and somehow that Honda engineering provides a really smooth transmission. Maybe things are different now with newer technologies.

Probably Toyota is fine too if you like how it feels and drives. I trust Japanese cars for safety and dependability. The Japanese truly have a culture of customer service and quality.

I have a Kia Sportage now, and the size is great for me (a little smaller than your Santa Fe) but gas mileage is less than my Honda 6 cylinder Accord, the seats aren’t very comfortable, but it’s been overall a good car. My Honda also had a blind spot camera even you’re changing lanes, I really became used to that.

I’ve owned Nissan too. I loved my Nissans. They usually are a good value.

@ragingloli Porsche Cayenne is much more expensive if the OP is in the US. I think I actually prefer the Japanese SUV’s, but the Cayenne is the most beautiful, especially the original style (I owned one). The interior is better now though, the original interior the back seats were terrible, the navigation was terrible too.

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I have a 2015 CRV and I love it. Prior to that I had a Civic which lasted to over 210k miles with no major problems. I drive a lot for my commute, and on the weekends I’d rather drive farther for a store I like or a movie theater I like, rather than a closer one I don’t like.

After the long life of my Civic I decided I am a Honda girl for life, hence the CRV.

Last year I took a vacation to Virginia and rented a Santa Fe and I liked it. I can’t speak to how long it will last, but I liked the features in it.

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@ScottyMcGeester I really like the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe XL (the XL version has the 3rd row seat) – smooth like butta and has ample head and leg room. The 2020 Hyundai Palisade (replaced the Santa Fe XL) is just a bit too big.

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Aside from the comments here, a couple people IRL actually said Honda CRV right off the bat. Seems to be more popular than I realized. This weekend is when I’ll be going to the dealership and hopefully buy a new car. I’m getting anxious about how I’ve had this rental for a while now and want to get this out of the way ASAP.

(also one tiny error. When I meant “daily” commute I meant Mon-Fri. “Daily” in my mind automatically meant “business day”)

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