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What are some examples of the use of sports analytics?

Asked by LostInParadise (29005points) January 19th, 2020

I know that sports analytics is the application of statistics to improve a team’s performance. I did a Web search and did not find much that was useful. One example from Money Ball was the discovery that a baseball player’s on base percentage is more important than batting average. What other examples are there? How can sports analytics be used for basketball or soccer?

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Anything that can be counted can be analyzed.

Soccer: does team A have a better goal percentage when:
– players are 10 feet from the goal? 20 feet? 30 feet? and so on
– when kicking with left or right foot?
– when kicking from 90 degrees angle? 45 degree left? 45 degree right?
– sunny day? cloudy day?
– on two days rest? three days rest? a week’s rest?

– most of the same but also:
– amount of noise in arena?
– home versus away goal percentage?
– first team versus second team?
– West coast games versus east coast games (earlier starting time)

and so on.

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One thing that is starting to permeate football is that it is better to go for it on 4th and short than to punt. Also, usually better to go for a two point conversion than a field goal.

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