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Describe something you believe constitutes an escape you made at some point in your life?

Asked by ucme (49030points) 1 month ago

However dramatic or minor.
They all count here!

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Moving out of rural Trumpland! I haven’t seen a confederate flag since.

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Quiting my job in a pesticides factory, twice.
First time I worked there five years, the second time, after I’d worked as a house painter for a few years, another four.

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Backing away when the perv touching himself stopped me on my paper route to ask directions. He drove away.

Walking through deep snow, was convinced to accept a ride. Good good thing I was wearing my rape proof pants. He finally let me go.

I don’t know what they intended, when the gang bangers asked for a smoke, but they were so stunned by my reaction, one stared and his jaw dropped, the other laughed. I just walked away.

When a sow with litter chased me across open pasture, and I leaped at a tree hitting it with fingers and toes grasping tough bark. Good thing I was barefoot!

Ignored Navy doctor’s orders to quit whining and go to work, listened to second class corpsman who called Bethesda for me.

I have lots of them.

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@Patty_Melt Forgive my ignorance, but what are “rape proof pants”?

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It was my name for something in style at the time. They were high waisted, with an extra wide waistband. There were three tiny buttons at the top of the zipper, and they faced in, not out. Even if they were to face out, they were small, and tight. They were near impossible for the wearer to undo. The belt was a narrow denim belt which tied in the front.
The creep wrestled withe a lot. He got so frustrated he actually tried to claw through the stitching in the crotch! He was finally so out of breath he could hardly speak. He said he’d let me go if I promised not to tell anybody. Pfft. I said Ok, and called my ex bf as soon as I got in the house.
I didn’t call the cops, because rape victims were not a high priority back then, and attempted but failed, they would have just laughed.

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I left home permanently when I was 16.

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I have had some close calls with perverts.

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Between often behaving stupidly in a younger day, and having a ridiculous medical history, I guess one can say I’ve escaped death more times than my share.

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Finally blocking my ex on ALL social media, + stopping my applications towards schools in his state, and applying to one in mine.

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I escaped with my life after drunk driving idiots mounted the pavement, running me over & smashing my head through the windscreen/shield.
Badly bruised legs & a handful of stitches to the back of the head & I walked away!

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Holy shit @ucme i’m glad you are okay! That is insane and horrible.
People don’t consider the consequences… Especially under the influence. I hope they lost their licence

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@SergeantQueen Cheers, this happened years ago, I was 19 & bounced off without ever hitting the ground.
They got away in a hurry, never saw or heard of them again!

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After a botched appendix operation, I insisted they left something inside me. Since I was only 12, it took two days for them to believe me. It was poison in my abdomen, which had to be drained over the next two weeks. I barely made it to my 13th birthday.

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I escaped from a damaging job working with my husband and parents in a family business and walked back into a job in my profession.

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After I graduated from college, I ran off and joined the circus (US Army).

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I met a guy in the islands and flipped over him when I was about 37. He was a Swiss banker. We had so much fun for a week and then I had to come home to reality. He came over and spend time with me a few times during the next couple months. After he was here the first time I found out my phone was tapped. He came again and we did have a good time but I knew something was wrong. After he got back home I avoided him for a while and then told him I was going to try again with my husband, from whom I was legally separated. I found out later by accident that he was in prison. I don’t think he ever lied to me though. He was just creative with pension plans and securities…................

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The day the kids and I watched the ex drive away in the moving van.

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@Patty_Melt I remember the rape proof pants. I think I heard about them the same time I heard about BCGs (Birth Control Glasses). Those were the glasses that were so ugly you would never get laid while wearing them.

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I had a pair. They were issued to me in boot.

And they work.

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