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Are you more vulnerable lying in bed or sitting on the toilet?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27695points) 1 month ago

Suppose someone breaks into your house, to steal something or perhaps to kidnap you.

If you’re lying in bed, you might have a weapon (firearm, most likely) under your pillow or in the nightstand, so you might have time to arm yourself and stop the intruder.

If you’re sitting on the toilet, you’re far less likely to have any sort of a weapon with you – who takes a gun to the bathroom? And you’re far more likely to be unable to move quickly and react, and probably fewer escape routes from the bathroom.

Where do you feel more vulnerable? Do you go to the bathroom with a weapon?

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If I’ve just finished a particularly strong curry, then the “weapon” I carry on the toilet is highly potent.

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Well, I let my guard down when on the toilet because I expect complete privacy (whereas sometimes people do knock on my door or come in my room when I’m in bed, especially in the morning when I’m lying there awake). That’s why it was so shocking when my roommate walked in on me when I was on the toilet (we had a towel rack that hung over the door and it would sometimes prevent the door from closing all the way!)

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“Suppose someone breaks into your house, to steal something or perhaps to kidnap you..”

Highly unlikely as robbers etc case the place first for signs of occupancy.

To be vulnerable is to be unprepared, and I suppose that is the fear of some who have experienced a fearful experience. (trust and a safe environment is needed).

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Lol. Crazy question. Am I asleep in bed?

Both are very vulnerable positions.

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Neither. My dogs would keep intruders occupied at point of entry long enough.

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You think someone concerned enough about being attacked in the bathroom to routinely have weapons there, is going to tell you whether or not they do?

Bathroom doors may be more likely to be locked – the door itself could provide an advantage.

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My gun is on me always.

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@Inspired_2write actually, if they show up when you’re not home, they’re burglars, not robbers.

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Unless you are asleep when the home invasion occurs, you can hear the intruder either way long before they get to you.

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The guns are under the toilet lid, in the shower, behind the mirror, under pillow cases, and under the mattress

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I guess, the toilet. Although I do have an aluminum baseball bat, in my bathroom. The only room, I don’t have a gun…

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Well I don’t have a gun anywhere in the house, certainly not under my pillow or in a bedside drawer. I have too many little kids in and out of here for that bullshit.
I would say that, for me, I am more vulnerable in bed. I might have to wake up for me to realize there is a threat.

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You’ll notice typically the animals at the top of the food chain sleep the most. Animals like tigers, lions, bears, oh my. When you sleep you’re vulnerable, so if you are an animal that is often preyed upon you better not sleep too much.

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I’m out to bed for the next 8 hours. I rely on on my dog and my husband to alert me.

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I can’t say how many movies I see, where a person is seeking into a residence undetected. I always think, if they had a dog that couldn’t happen.

When I worked at a gun selling store, I would recommend a dog before a firearm.

I had a lot of people come to buy a gun, because they had risks of intruders. If I felt like they wouldn’t be a capable gun owner, I suggested that they adopt a dog, and get mace.

Dogsare excellent, at letting you know that something odd is going on. Even if it’s just a tiny dog. It can hear, and smell something that is out of place. And they will bark, and tell you, “hey, something is up!”

Certain breeds, can take care of the problem on their own…

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I have a weapon next to the bed.

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