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Do you like the idea of an autonomous car?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32834points) 1 month ago

Would you trust machine over man?

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At this point…NO!!! My problem is that the machine is still created by man & man still has flaws that pass into the man-made machine. I might change my mind IF I live long enough, but I don’t see that as an option at this particular point in time!!!

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We have our chauffeur for that!

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No, absolutely not. I did ride in one recently, and was impressed, but I totally do not trust it.

As someone who writes and designs computer programs and AI for games, I’m very impressed they currently work as well as they do, and shocked that people are even trying to develop them for widespread deployment to real road conditions. It seems very unwise and unappealing to me.

Even if in most cases the statistical safety might be higher, I would rather contend with incompetent or intoxicated human drivers, than an AI car malfunctioning or getting hacked.

I also couldn’t quite believe how much power and acceleration the Tesla had.

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If it works, then I think it’s a fine idea.

I don’t think we are even close to a fully autonomous, safe vehicle. ANy software is buggy – even @Zaku ‘s .

But a software bug at 70 mph on the freeway has more seriousr consequences than a bug in Crystal Towers of Zork.

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Absolutely. Once the technology is mature, it should become legally mandatory.
And all that aversion towards it, has nothing to do with its safety, but with anti-AI bigotry.
I am convinced, that if they bred a dog that could drive a car only 90% as well and safely as a human, people would still trust the dog more than an AI with a 100% perfect track record.

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Not completely. Got to have overriding controls (especially a steering wheel and a break).

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Absolutely—once the safety advantage can be proven statistically.

I drive a Tesla Model 3 using autopilot 95% of the time that I’m on the interstate (and occasionally on other roads too). It’s amazing tech, but I always keep my hands on the wheel, and ready to take over should I need to. I feel much safer with “two of us” driving together than just myself. That said, it’s not perfect and we’re a long ways away from truly autonomous driving IMO.

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Autonomous cars can’t come soon enough.

They don’t:
Drive drunk
Have road rage
Text and gawk at their phones instead of the road
Eat and drink behind the wheel
Accelerate to beat yellow and red lights
Drive with an emotional need to race other drivers or teach them lessons
Refuse to slow down when weather reduces visibility and control
Etc., etc., etc.

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@Call_Me_Jay I don’t any of those things.
And get this: I always come to a complete stop at stop signs AND I stop at red signals before making right turns. I know UNBELIEVABLE. HA!

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No one has ever done these things.
Until they did.

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I like the idea of one crashing into me at full speed.

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@ragingloli Oh yea. Of course.

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