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Is vinegar something to use for laundry and why or why not?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 20th, 2020

As asked.

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This says yes because it whitens clothes, softens them, and can get rid of odors

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Don’t use too much, just a little. It is acidic enough to eat away at the seals in your washer and cause some serious damage…I know from experience.

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Vinegar is pretty cool. Can be used in foods and for cleaning.

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Yes, but not every load. Really used to deodorize the clothes and the washer.

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But _gets rid of odors whitens, softens,” but does it get rid f the dirt? Does it go without saying that it does?
@ARE_you_kidding_me and @seawulf575 do you have a link, thanks. Maybe the link in @SergeantQueen addresses that. I haven’t read it yet.

I don’t know if this is a reliable one.

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@flo vinegar by itself will not get rid of the dirt. It is a mild acid that does a lot of good things for your laundry, but you still need detergent.
the link from @SergeantQueen does talk about getting rid of odor, but there are tons of other links as well. This is a good one as well

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@seawulf575 So, you use vinegar with regular detergents? The manufacturers of detergents don’t disagree with that?

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@flo I can’t see why they would. I don’t think it reacts badly chemically with regular detergents and if it did there would be a warning on the detergent bottle I think.

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^^Also, you don’t use vinegar in place of detergent. You’d use it with detergent. So they are still getting their money, blah blah blah

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@flo Yes, you can use it with detergent. We do it all the time. In our washing machine there is a slot for detergent and another for something else like fabric softener. We put the vinegar in that one.

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Ok, good to know.

@SergeantQueen That makes sense.

But as an aside how come we put something that damages the seal of a washer into our body?

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@seawulf575 Ok, but someone wrote use it rarely because it damages the seal. I guess it could be if using too much of it.

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@flo Yeah, you really don’t need much. A tablespoon or two is really all we use. Also, we don’t use it with every load. Towels get it for sure, other loads if they are a little malodorous.

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But it still is suppose to be good for our body just like it is for our clothes and washer..
Doesn’t make sense.

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It’s neither good nor bad for us.

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@Harper1234 There is a school of thought that says a little apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in the morning is good for you. It helps your stomach digestion work better supposedly. It is also part of an alkaline diet (seems contradictory since it is an acid, but I understand the science behind that statement) which is supposed to be good for you as well.

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