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Can you share about an incident where you lied and people believed you?

Asked by raum (9801points) January 20th, 2020 from iPhone

As asked.

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When I was 13, I had an English report due on Carl Sandburg and I hadn’t done it. I panicked and feigned a stomach ache so I could stay home and do the report. Well, I didn’t get it done, so the next day I pretended that I was worse and stayed home again. I had to eat in secret so my mom wouldn’t catch on to my faking. I played it out with great drama, so well in fact that that my dad marched me off to the doctor who did a little poking and prodding and took a little blood, then whisked me off to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.

I felt pretty guilty about all that (and yeah, post surgical ouches) until they explained that it was about to rupture, they could tell from the white cell count and the poking and prodding.
I honestly had felt fine.

I still had to do the report.

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Wow, your lie turned out to be a a massive understatement of your actual illness! Apparently your precociously thespian skills, saved you from peritonitis.

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There are way too many incidents when I lied and people believed me that I don’t have anything in mind right now. I just don’t know how that happened. I never lied on purpose though. It usually intended to be a joke, and I was always genuinely surprised when people suddenly turned from being playful to “did you actually do that?” I don’t know, maybe I just had a way to say things that could make even the most ridiculous story sound real :)

I also have a similar story with @canidmajor though. It was when I was 8. I was playing hide and seek with some friends and I accidentally ran to the off-limit zone. A girl saw that and threatened to report to the teacher about that. I was so scared of the punishment so I lied to my parents that I got sick in order to avoid going to school. Turned out, I actually got so sick that I couldn’t go to school for a long time after that. It was an extracurricular class in the summer so attendance wasn’t too strict. I ended up staying at home for the rest of the summer and when the real school year began I didn’t have to study with that mean girl again :)

To this day I still don’t know why my parents believed in me, as I didn’t have to put much effort into faking it. Maybe they also thought that the class was a waste of time? I just can’t help thinking there was something else going on other than me lying.

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Well, when I was 6 I bit the white tip off a candy corn and hollered for Mom, saying I lost a tooth! She came into my room. I showed her the “tooth.” She examined my mouth in disbelief, trying to figure out where that tooth came from.
Then, to her horror, I popped the “tooth” in my mouth, chomped it up and swallowed it!
I do not know where my son got his growing-up antics from.
Karma I guess.

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I tell my sister that the dinners she makes are great.
She puts a lot of effort into making that !#$ and by gum, I am going to acknowledge it with more !#$.

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A friend and I, while in graduate school, went for a three-day all expense paid trip to Florida to be exposed to high-pressure timeshare sales. We had to say we were married. We had to sit through a presentation and then sit at a table and look the salesman in the eye while I said “We are never going to buy a timeshare….you opened our eyes. Now, if you will excuse us…

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@canidmajor Holy moses! That’s really scary that it was about to rupture and you weren’t feeling any symptoms at all. I’m glad you’ve got some acting chops.

@Mimishu1995 Acting out a premonition!

@Dutchess_lll Kids are funny. :P

@lucillelucillelucille That’s love, man.

@Sagacious I’ve known other people who have stayed for free in exchange for going to those presentations. But I don’t know anyone who pretended to be married to do it. That’s next level.

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I used up all my acting chops on that one event, it was an Oscar worthy career ended. :-D

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@canidmajor Ha! Maybe your acting chops were located in your appendix?

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@raum-Based on her cooking. it’s anything but that. Lol

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@lucillelucillelucille Ha! Death by casserole?

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@raum- I call it Angry Zucchini.

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@lucillelucillelucille Sometimes when I cook, I apologize to the animal and plants. They gave their lives so we could eat. Worthy of some sort of dignity above my cooking skills.

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@raum- I owe a lot of apologies. As much as i complain of her cooking, she is better than I am.

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Initially only married couples were invited to those freebies. It makes sense because the “I’ll have to go home and talk to my wife” would be too common. Sales 101…..have the decision maker in the room. @raum

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