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Is a set routine good or bad for you?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 31st, 2008

It’s good to have an organized routine, right? Then again, routines have a negative effect on some people; they get so attached to the routine that they can’t handle a change in it. What is your view on this?

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Depends on your personality. It’s an absolute necessity for some, whilst it makes others feel like they die a little inside with every repeat….

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A set routine is a terrific idea, IMHO, if you don’t wish to forget certain things that need to be done, regularly.

As a person ages, their memory suffers, so there is a need to write notes to oneself, to remind themselves of things that need to be done.

That’s why the President has an appointment calendar, maintained by his personal secretary.

August 31, 2008, 5:44 PM EDT

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A check-list, sure! But I find repetitive tasks or patterns of tasks to be mind-numbing! Short “sub-routines”, if you will, are a fact of life, some things just have to be done in a set way, repeated every so often (paying bills, etc.), but there’s no reason your entire day/week/month should be one big routine – at least that would never work for me! But again, down to personalities.

And are you sure the calendar maintained by secretary is because of age??

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No, the calendar maintained by a secretary has nothing to do with age. It has to with the fact that “The Wizard” never gave our current President a BRAIN.

August 31, 2008, 6:27 PM EDT

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Routines make it easier to plan things but I don’t really like them.

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routines for routine tasks, like getting ready in the morning, free us up to be creative and NON routine in the IMPORTANT things in life!

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I think it’s good to have a general routine. But flexibility is important, too.

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copy flexibility, constant change is here to stay!

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Ummm. It depends if you worry about stalkers. There you go, now you know what things worry ME.

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That Service Repair Issue has really DONE ME IN.

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Moderation in all things (as Ben Franklin said) works well for set routines too. When I am going on a trip, for example, I do some pre-planning, but leave lots of room for serendipity, because in those little surprises are a lot of the joy of life.

If you are too fixated on your routine, you lose the ability to enjoy things as they come—and come they will.

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As a terminal right-brainer, I need a little order in my life. That’s where my SO comes in…to ground me and remind me of all the things I disregard. In that sense, she is my calendar.

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You know I think Tyler Durden said it best “Stop trying to control everything and just let go! LET GO! ”
Just watch Fight Club and he’ll explain just how dangerous routine is. So on your walk home today take the long way for once, never know what might happen

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I wish that I had a routine. My work schedule eliminates routine as I work at 4 different locations reporting to work at various times (07:00, 08:00, 08:30, 09:30 and 16:00) including evening and weekend shifts. On paper my schedule looks like distorted chaotic checker board. It is painful to form my life around such a work schedule even though I’ve been at it for 15 years now. A few times I miss-read the schedule and showed up (or didn’t show up) at the wrong place and time. (OUCH)

I guess that I’m stronger for this schedule pandemonium. Life is hard and you have to be tough to make it all happen.

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