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Is "Search Fluther" broken?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27693points) 1 month ago

I clicked on the Search button. It took me to a page where I was prompted to search for a Topic. I entered my search – “Weather”.

It displayed a half dozen user names that had the word ‘weather’ included, but no questions of any sort that had anything to do with weather.

Has this ever worked?

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I’ve never been able to get it to work. I sometimes search for very specific topics and questions.

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It’s been busted for years.

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You can use Google to search it. In the search box write “” and the words you want to search for.

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I just google it. “Fluther weather” and see what comes up.

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Search me!

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I just typed “weather” into the Search button without the intermediate step and it brought up several questions about weather.

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I just posted a question about search result in Fluther.

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It works 50/50. Some days it works, some it doesn’t. It’s never consistent

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Probably even numbered days, @SEKA when it works.

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Hmmmm. Never paid attention, so I’ve got to get back to you on that @elbanditoroso

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Maybe it only works for people with odd number zip codes?

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Or people that are “odd”.

Works for me

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Maybe it just likes odd people on odd numbered days. It’s working for me today!!!

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When I’m on my phone I find that if I switch to desktop mode, at the bottom of the page, a lot of features work that don’t work in mobile mode.

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