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When was the most recent time you played darts?

Asked by ucme (49066points) 1 month ago

Are you any good?
Do you have a dartboard at home?

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It’s been awhile but I used to be pretty good. Cricket was the game I liked. I do have a dartboard at home and was gifted a decent set of darts.
I liked beating people with the house darts though as victory was sweeter mwah haa haaa

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@lucillelucillelucille Fantastic!
I’ve owned dartboards for as long as I can remember & play most weekends.
I’m quite good too, which is just as well because I sulk when I lose…badly!

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@ucme -I took a plastic dart to the forehead before.
That’s how much I like that game.
Lawn darts (Jarts )are fun too They make them with rounded tips now so you can’t impale your opponent.

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@lucillelucillelucille Jarts is a cool word, I like the way it sounds, it reminds me of jam tarts my mum used to bake.
Strayed off topic a little but hey…my question my rules!

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@ucme – I read your response wrong.oops

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@lucillelucillelucille You did?
Enlighten me woman!

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@ucme -I almost launched into a lecture about changing rules in the middle of a game.

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College – 1974 or 1975. I was good, better when I had a couple beers.

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In so many American movies or TV shows you see a dartboard hanging somewhere in the homes.
Garage, bedrooms, porch…you guys must love your darts.

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I have one, used to be really good. Last time I played was electronic darts a few months ago, wasn’t terrible but not great.

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It’s been years. You never see a dart board anymore around here. Funny how things change.

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@KNOWITALL I’m more excited than I should be that you have a board too!

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For an amateur, I would say, I’m mediocre.

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When I first moved to Florida. That would be around 1990.

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@ucme haha, well good. I almost joined a league at the local pub. How nerdy is that?!

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With throwing darts, several years.

With blowgun, I practice frequently. Unfortunately I have no challengers anymore.
I am a very good shot with a blowgun.

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@KNOWITALL Nerdy but cool lol
@Patty_Melt I heard you were good at blow…bugger, I always spoil things :D

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He promised not to blab.

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