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You are being sent back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. To what exact point in time do you travel to, and what method will you use to do the deed?

Asked by ragingloli (46314points) 1 month ago

For example, a straightforward assassination during his time in jail, making his father infertile by cutting his testicles off, or simply strangling him in his crib.

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You asked about Hitler.
But I’d use the same method.

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Go to the Art school that rejected him and convince them to take him.

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Instead of killing him I would change his destiny to that of a Humanitarian spreading Goodwill instead of harm.
In that way his persona would change by changing his environment to goodwill.

By the way I read his book “Mein Kampf ( my Struggle or My Fight)

It describes the process by which Hitler BECAME antisemitic after he suffered from nerve gas in a war..which probably changes his brain wiring somewhat?

I would go back in time and change that incident so that he does did not become that way.

His mind was still recovering from the chemical shock that changes him when in this state of mind he witnessed a very rich women and richly dressed children walk past a beggar on the street and at this point he chose that women’s Religion as his target for his anger and desperation ( he was starving ).

It doesn’t make it right but it explains where it all started..his hatred etc

Change that incident or even the brain injury itself and who knows what the outcome would had been?

( I think it was tear Gas or something of that nature, not sure).

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My guess would be as he was serving in the First World War would be the ideal time to dispose of him with the least amount of fuss or inquiry.

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“As reported in the Washington Post, some historians have traced this reluctance to Hitler’s own experience as a soldier during World War I. Though Germany was the first to unleash chlorine gas on French troops during the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915, Britain and France would also employ chlorine and mustard gas during the Great War, generating widespread outrage over the new horrors of chemical warfare.”

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I’d go back and stop his abusive father from beating the shit out of him. Then I’d see how he develops from there. If his course does not change then well…

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Go to the house Hitler’s parents lived in on the night he was conceived and set fire to it.

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Or just sneak in and pull a swap in the dark.

Good question actually, loli. Could be someone from the future has already gone back in time, and some one thing we think insignificant, or people saying why me, actually is a change of something even worse.
Maybe the great Chicago fire was actually a way of preventing some awful cult from destroying the US, or the world.

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The best way to change Hitler in my opinion is to take him away from his parents the moment he was born and give him to a caring family.

Seriously, Hitler had a sad childhood. He had an abusive father, an overprotective mom, and his household suffered from death multiple times. Hitler started showing signs of distress when his brother died. Not to mention Germany at that time was a horrible place to live in. The only way to change him is to relocate him to another place that wouldn’t damage him emotionally. Everything else was just icing on the cake.

I’m thinking of America, because America looked the least messed up at that time.

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I’d take him, after WWI. I would use bare hands. I might just paralyze him. Or, beat him to the point where he could never do anything.
But, I’d want him to have a chance. I find no honor, in killing an infant. I’d like to see what he really had. A grown man, with war experience. I might just tear his jaw off. Maybe break his arms, and destroy his knees. I guess I would probably bite his fingers off too. Maybe bite his nose off too.

I’d hold him down, and make him suffer…

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OK, Evander.

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I’d want to materialize somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Germany, naked. I’d walk into a bar and demand for a man’s clothes, boots and motorcycle. I’d then steal another man’s sunglasses and ride off in the hunt for Hitler on my new motorcycle.

Yeah, that’s the way I’d do it.

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I think it odd that after the world experienced the worst abuse from a monster that people in the present wouldn’t think of doing away with anyone?

Have we not learned anything from this kind of person that was shaped by experiences and an era that fostered it?

Compassion,understanding,human values above all should be paramount, not stooping to the lowest being.
Some answers here are surprising in that some are mirroring what Hitler and some like him thought like?
One does not reform a bully by being bullied himself, it just teaches that person to toughen up more .

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The desire to vanquish one’s enemies is a powerful, and primal drive. It is in all of us, in varying degrees.

Hitler was deranged, but he actually thought he was doing god’s work.

Desire to eliminate him isn’t really different from him wanting to extinguish persons he thought were enemies of his god.

It isn’t a thing you can stop simply by saying, don’t do this, it’s wrong.
Of course, that doesn’t make it right.

The human race will never be able to be rid of such urges as long as we go on believing it can be stopped simply by admitting they are wrong.
We first have to be honest enough to look at ourselves objectively. Second we have to discover how to harness that part of ourselves.
Finally, we have to come to a conclusion of whether it would be right to “cure” ourselves of such urges.
It might be an aspect within which is necessary for survival.

These and other questions will be answered in the next episode.

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Three year old. Just hang around him until that overwhelming urge that comes from proximity to all three year olds comes upon you, and your hands start to twitch and reach for his neck. When that “wait, what am I DOING?” feeling kicks in and you hesitate for a moment, just remind yourself that it’s ok because it’s Hitler, then have at.

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@Coolhandluke . NICE Terminator reference…

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My dude…..

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